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Have you had a purification ceremony?

"80 minutes of pure relaxation." Ama Spa explains how it works.




All procedures in place for something new and different in the form of great ceremonies and to ask what is there money when a shell get health a little bit more lately.

He normally i didn't your money on lately are a pretty located right down the street from beautiful location to come to a little shopping little lunch.

Her dilantin out.

I'm ready to dive into today's topic with purification and treatment we can bog what is absolutely 80 minute of pure relaxation.

What we do we bring you into the therapist starts off with the dry brush alienation the full body foliation and then went to wrap you in awaited blank ties a white blanket.

It gets the sensation that you're being held really very relaxing for the young heart is by way customize pressure which is is my favorite part of any msi down with a line and say the little bit unique, but something to do with sage is perfect.

They start off the treatment i the page.

What do you in the air get your body ready, just relax ... already relax just listening to allow that the products that ar in the know with the driveway have been that he does is how lately we are aligned called provide and it is a botanical baseline.

The team poured their italian glass bottles that have been recycled sustainable small batches everything that's important today so we can enjoy the treatment.

We also purchase the little bit on the purchasing.

I want to talk abou membership sure we will now we have a nine dollar with that included a 50 minute service here.

Get 10% off white bird an provision monday through thursday from entering valet parking, complementary wine, fluffy robes, uppers, the whole 9 yards to be able to and is taking canopy money don't have to worry about now the crazy life in you.

It is simply have to treatment the number of people in or is your shopping area is on your product.

I got a discount.

We sure do we off 20% off service and 10% off retail lending.

I'm ready to sign up for the verification of their money in announcing and just when he committed great procedures you have available.

What is your favorite wine, livestock, signature massage an what that is that she can have 50 wine, livestock, signature massage and what that is that she can have 5080 minute either one and is a custom pressure massage and leads are essential oils.

They are amazing.

There's heart there's energy there's focus and what you do is you and your able to smell those an went body is guided to the one i need to focus right we need to either shot you workbook.

Sure, you can do it easily online.

Again, we can guide you and see what your goals are what's goin on in your social right to grant michelle date for joining.

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