Families recount final moments of Mexico massacre

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Published on November 7, 2019 - Duration: 02:20s

Families recount final moments of Mexico massacre

After watching gunmen shoot dead his mother and two brothers, 13-year-old Devin Langford hid six surviving siblings in nearby bushes and walked for miles through northern Mexico to get help.

A statement released by the families involved in Monday's massacre details what the survivors witnessed, as Mexican officials step up their investigation.

Michelle Hennessy reports.


Families recount final moments of Mexico massacre

It's now been three days since a Mormon family were ambushed in Mexico.

Details of what happened on Monday (4 November) are starting to emerge.

It comes with a graphic warning.

The following account was put together from statements from authorities, relatives, and survivors of the attack: Three mothers and 14 children were traveling in separate SUVs near a border between two Mexican states.

As bullets began to pummel the first car, Christina Marie Langford Johnson got out, waving her hands - trying to show they were not gang members.

She was shot dead.

She appeared to have placed her baby daughter on the floor of the car before she got out.

The baby, called Faith, survived.

11 miles away, another car was shot up and burst into flames.

Rhonita Miller and her four children were killed.

Then, an attack on a third car killed Dawna Langford and her two sons.

A relative filmed what he saw at that scene: (AUDIO SOUNDBITE) (ENGLISH) MALE VOICE SAYING: "This is devastating.

Look at the bullet holes there.

Oh my God.

Blood on the seat." Seven children survived from that car.

Among them, 13 year old Devin Langford.

After witnessing his mother and two brothers being shot dead, he hid the surviving siblings, and walked 14 miles to find help.

When he failed to return, his nine-year-old sister Mckenzie went after him, she was later found lost in the dark.

Their nine month old brother had been shot in the chest, other siblings also suffered bullet wounds.

It's being called the deadliest attack on Americans in Mexico in recent history.

No official explanation has been given for the killings.

Mexican authorities say they may have been mistaken for gangs and were caught up in a territorial dispute.

This is what one member of the American-Mexican Mormon community said about that: (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) JULIAN LEBARON, A MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN-MEXICAN MORMON COMMUNITY, SAYING: "Completamente falso" Completely false he says.

He says the attack was premeditated, and showed unimaginable brutality.

Other relatives said the family had been used as bait to lure an opposing gang into a firefight.

Mexican officials are stepping up their investigation, and have vowed justice for the victims.

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