Friday Morning Sprint

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Published on October 7, 2019 -

Friday Morning Sprint

Police are standing on the top of local Dunkin' Donuts today to raise money for Special Olympics Wisconsin.


Friday Morning Sprint

Morning sprint -- as we t you out the door with the mostocal news to start your friday.

We start with breaking news into the channel 3000 alert center overnight... madison police are investigating multiple calls from people reporting shots fired on the city's west side.

Officers found shell casings just after midnight... along russett road, near whitney way.

Police are still talking to people who live along that stretch... but so far -- there are no reports of damage or injuries this morning.

More breaking news, nationally this morning -- representative rashida talib will be allowed to go to israel now... after previously being banned by prime minister benjamin netanyahu.

The country's interior-ministry is allowing her in -- to visit her elderly grandmother in the west bank.

Tlaib and congresswoman ilhan omar were banned from entering the country yesterday.

Omar is still barred from going -- as of this morning.

North korea is firing more projectiles into the sea -- extending a recent streak of weapons- tests... believed to be aimed at presuring the u-s over slow nuclear- diplomacy.

Negotiations are expected to start back up -- sometime after the end of joint u-s---south korea military-drills, later this month.

For the eighth year in a row... you'll see men and women in uniforms standing on top of local dunkin' donuts locations today--- it's the annual "cop on a rooftop" fundraiser.

The event raises money for special olympics wisconsin.

In return for officers doing time at their restaurants... dunkin' donates five-thousand dollars to the law enforcement torch run.

In addition, every person who visits a cop on a rooftop location and makes a donation gets a free donut coupon.

You can also try today's new donut--- the special glazed red and white ring, depictings special olympics wisconsin's colors.

"cop on a rooftop" runs from 6 until 11 o clock this morning.

You can find a full list of participating locations on our website, channel 3000 dot com.

It's time to stop waiting for permission from the nra, enough is enough, governor evers and democrats are calling for lawmakers to take up gun control measures... but republican leaders say that's not likely to happen.

Democrats introduced a bill yesterday that would expand background checks on gun sales.

Republican leaders say they don't support universal background checks... but do want to expand mental-health resources.

We now know that the man who opened fire on a crowded bar district in dayton, ohio... had cocaine in his system.

The county coroner says anti-anxiety medication and alcohol were also found in his system.

The shooter, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest, was shot at least 24 times by police.

Today: mostly cloudy and more humid with a few showers in the morning, then becoming partly sunny in the afternoon.

High: 78 wind: s to w 8-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy and mild with patchy fog developing.

Low: 61 wind: light and variable this summer hasn't just felt like the hottest ever ... it actually has been.

Following the hottest june on record ... july now officially the hottest month on record, since record-keeping began 140 years ago.

Experts say the average global temperature last month was 1-point-71 degrees above the 20th-century average.

32:55 ((( , "we the jury find the defended guilty of causing great bodily harm "))) 33:00 a semi-truck driver from indiana is awaiting his sentence... after a jury found wayne murphy -- guilty -- on all 46 counts for... crashing his truck into a school-bus full of kids in columbia county.

Officers say the 43-year-old was driving under the influence of medication.

20 people were injured-- 5 of them, seriously.

Engsberg 6:00 "it's our job as a society, my job as a juror, to really dig deep and look for the truth."

A juror who helped decide the "not guilty" verdict in former-badger quintez cephus's trial -- is talking about how they came to that decision.

Kelly engsberg is one of the 12 jurors in the sexual assault case... who decided the outcome in less than an hour.

She says it's not a task the jury took decision might have been quick, the process was thorough.

Law enforcement across the state will be ramping up their efforts to prevent drunk-driving for the rest of the month.

Hundreds more patrol cars will be out on the road for longer hours... starting today and running through labor day.

If you need a way to get home after having too much to drink ... you can download the d-o-t's 'drive sober' app to find a ride or take advantage of the tavern league's safe ride program.

Lafleur "i thought there was just way too many missed opps out there."

The packers are coming off a pretty big loss to the ravens last night... they couldn't get much going without aaron rodgers and aaron jones.

The ravens led 13-to-6 at halftime... and a fumble by rookie dexter williams led to a ravens touchdown... the final score ... 26-to-13.

Now 1-and-1 in the preseason ... the packers play next ursday against the oakland raiders... in canada.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason ryan with a look at your first-alertraffic.

Good morning... all's clear on the beltline at the moment.

No problems anywhere slowing traffic down coming into the city.

Looking at downtown, small back-ups on john nolen at north shore and the capitol square is starting to get busier but still no real jams happening anywhere on the isthmus.

Overall drive times are around normal speeds for this time of day and no delays to hold you up.

With first alert traffi i'm jason ryan.

Today: mostly cloudy and more humid with a few showers in the morning, then becoming partly sunny in the afternoon.

High: 78 wind: s to w 8-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy and mild with patchy fog developing.

Low: 61 wind: light and variable morning, then becoming partly

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