anchoring jan 8th first block

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Published on October 6, 2019 -
anchoring jan 8th first block

anchoring jan 8th first block

Ahead on hometown this morning... a st.

Joseph family is left stunned after their house was shot at while they were inside-- what police say about the suspect plus plus -- a high school teacher accused of sexual misconduct appeared in court yesterday hear what his attorney had to say announcer: good morning!

From kqtv, st.

Joseph, you're watching kq2's hometown this morning.

Good morning, today is tuesday january 8th--... i'm dane hawkins... and i'm meteorologist vanessa (dane & vanessa weather) up to clear skies but windy conditions on this tuesday morning.

A second cold front has pushed through, allowing the winds to pick up from the nw, gusting up to 30-35 mph.

For our tuesday, the sunshine returns but with slightly "cooler" temperatures we've had from the upper 50s.

Winds will also be noticeable coming from the wnw at 10-20 mph with gusts over 30 mph.

Highs will still be above average in the upper 40s.

>> a st.

Joseph family is left stunned after bullets were fired into their home while they are inside.

Police responded to a house at 25th and jules around 9 p.m.

Last night.

They say the suspect shot two rounds at the home.

No injuries were reported-- but the family who lives inside isá shaken..

Police have no suspect at the time -- they say the person may have ran away.

The two officers involved in the shooting-death of a man have been identified.

According to st.

Joseph police -- 17-year veteran officer matt kneib and 2-year veteran officer brett sagel -- are on administrative assignment.

Just over a week ago-- the officers were serving an arrest warrant for 42-year-old christopher l.

Kelley on south 12th street.

Kelley pulled out a handgun and officers shot kelleyseveral times -- he was taken to mosaic where he was pronounced dead.

Missouri state highway patrol is now investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Two suspects are in jail in connection to a shooting last week that sent one person to the hospital.

Police have not released the names.

The shooting happened on the 1100 block of south 18th street in the early morning hours last wednesday.

The victim suffered moderate injuries.

Lansing police say an inmate has escaped from the lansing correctional facility.

According to their facebook -- around 2:30 p-m cal henry green the third, is believed to have stolen a camo- painted state vehicle.

Green is 36 and was sentenced in 2014 for aggravated battery in wyandotte county.

Lansing police asks if you have any information please call 9-1-1.

A former high school teacher in cameron -- told a court he was not guilty of sexual misconduct crimes related to minors.

William "derek" williams appeared in clinton county court for his arraignment yesterday afternoon.

He's charged with secretly recording minors inside a bathroom in his home.

According to court documents -- the defendant disguised a camera as a phone charger to record child pornography.

The former teacher faces three felony counts of child pornography, three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and one count of statutory sodomy.

Williams attorney says the investigation is still ongoing and he will be working to obtain a plea deal when they return to court in february.

(sot " i don't know whether or not the allegations are true, we haven't completed our investigation yet.

There should be no cause for alarm for anybody, he's never been in trouble before.

He was a valued member of the community up until this occured, so we'll just have to see how it shakes out from here.") williams is currently being held in the andrew county jail under a 500 thousand dollar cash-only bond he's is scheduled to appear again in court on february 7th at 9am.

The owner of st.

Joseph's iconic cool crest golf course, janeane saxton, has confirmed the more than 70 year old business which had been closed through this past summer was in the process of being sold to a potential buyer.

However, that deal fell through and the miniature golf course is again for sale.

Saxton says she hopes a future buyer will keep the course open, but she fears that a sale might more likely be for the prime real estate the business is on.

Two ramps in downtown st.

Joseph will be closed this week recent crashes have destroyed some of the protective barrels at the edmond street and charles street ramps to the i-229 ramps.... so now they need to be replaced.

This thursday -- transportation crews will close the "off-ramp" from northbound i-229 to edmond street and the "on ramp" from charles street to south bound i-229.

Each ramp may only be closed a few hours during this time frame..but as the exact length of the closures is unknown -- modot is asking drivers to use an alternate route.

Govenrment workers aren't the only ones impacted by the partial government shut down -- millions are at risk of losing food assistance.

Experts say funding is expected to run out next month for food stamps, school meals and nutrition for pregnant women and children.

The u-s-d-a said children will continue to be fed breakfast, lunch and after school meals through february.it's unclear what other steps will be taken to assist low-income families with groceries if the shutdown continues past when funding is available.

After the first round of the playoffs the chiefs now know who they will play see what andy reid had to say about their opponent the national security advisor has contradicted trumps statements about troops coming home from syria-- why, just ahead <<good morningthat's a look at morning sports.>> the kansas city chiefs know who they're opponent will be saturday afternoon at arrowhead stadium and they are no-strangers to each other in the playoffs the afc's top-seeded chiefs will host the indianapolis colts it's been tough for the chiefs in the playoffs in recent history of course we you remember the 2013 afc wild card round where the colts came back and shocked kansas city 45-44... kansas city is 0-4 all-time against indy in the postseason... but head coach andy reid says this group doesn't really think about the past... (sot, andy reid: "they're a good football team and like i said before, every year is different in this league every team is different.

You don't spend a lot of time with that, you get ready for the game and go of getting ready for it.") the chiefs will play the colts satuday at arrowhead at 3:35 p.m.

(anchors ad-lib to wx) <<we are waking up to clear skies but windy conditions on this tuesday morning.

A second cold front has pushed through, allowing the winds to pick up from the nw, gusting up to 30-35 mph.

For our tuesday, the sunshine returns but with slightly "cooler" temperatures we've had from the upper 50s.

Winds will also be noticeable coming from the wnw at 10-20 mph with gusts over 30 mph.

Highs will still be above average in the upper 40s.

We cool down into the upper 30s and lower 40s for wednesday and thursday before warming back into the middle 40s by friday.

We'll need to watch the forecast closely as another storm system could push through friday afternoon into saturday morning, giving us chances of a rain or rain/snow mix or light snow with minor accumulations.

It should be all out of here by the chiefs game saturday afternoon.

We'll keep you updated!

We'll be quiet & sunny heading into sunday and monday.

High temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s.

>> thank you, vanessa... (anchors ad-lib out of wx) it appears the trump administation is reversing course on u.s. troop withdrawal in syria.

National security advisor john bolton contradicted the president's original announcment saying american troops would be coming home immeidately.abc's kenneth moton has the latest from washington.

<<president trump's about face on us troop withdrawal in syria.

Sot trump:"we won't be finally pulled out until isis is gone."

Less than a month after the president announced he was immediately pulling all 2000 us troops out of syria claiming the defeat of isis - sot trump:"so our boys, our young women, our men.

They're all coming back and they're coming back now.

We won and that's the way we want it."a pentagon official confirming to abc news after that announcement the withdrawal was coming in 30 daysbut now - sot trump: "we're pulling back in syria.

We're going to be removing our troops.

I never said we're doing it that quickly.

But we're decimating isis."nats bolton in israel national security advisor john bolton in israel with prime minister benjamin netanyahu contradicting the president's orginial announcement he said us troops won't pull out until: kurdish allies are protected, iranian forces leave syria, isis is finally and completed defeatedsot john bolton"we are going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria

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