Tenney, Brindisi, rack up big endorsements

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Published on October 6, 2019 -
Tenney, Brindisi, rack up big endorsements

Tenney, Brindisi, rack up big endorsements

So keep the umbrella handy for the trick or treaters.temperatures wednesday evening are expected to be in the low 50s.cloudy skies and the tight race for the 22nd congressional district seat.

One of those endorsements, statewide; the other, on a national level.

Both illustrate just how high the stakes are in this nationally-watched, hotly, contested race.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris is live in the studio to tell us what national figure was stumping in the 22nd for incumbent claudia tenney today.


The overall vibe today, with a week to go til election day,was desperation: to hang on to the 22nd district congressional seat, and, for the race challenger, to take it away.

Ret marine corps lt col and current nra president oliver north disarmed & charmed the crowd at vernon national shooting preseve with a funny story about the birth of one of his 17 grandchildren.

9:02 'she takes the picture, take sthe child out of the space capsule and as she does so, she says 'congratulations, colonel.

And my daughter sits bolt upright in bed and says, 'what are you congratulating him for???

He didn't have a damn thing to do with it!"

Colonel north said his 17 grandchildren are his 'skin in the game' and the reason he' trying to rack up votes for republicans.

Trying to keep democrats from taking control of the house, saying the stakes in the race for the 22nd are too high for any gun owner to stay home on election night.

13:24 "their agenda is one, plan to capture control of the congress of the united states, two, impeach the president, number three, destroy the nra and number four, repeal the second amendment.

That's their goal" but why preach to the choir-a room full of gun owners and enthusiasts?

32:16 "to a very large extent, gun owners don't vote.

They just kind of assume it's gonna be ok" 32:30 "what we're here to do is encourage everybody that is in that room and everybody we talked to all day long today, to go out and find gun owners who think the 2nd amendment is at great risk.

And it truly is" both candidates today at their endorsement events acknowledged that this is going to be a close race, possibly with a razor-thin margin of victory.

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