VIDEO: HB 2060 passes house

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
Published on October 6, 2019 -
VIDEO: HB 2060 passes house

VIDEO: HB 2060 passes house

By more than 300 priests, including some who've served in the allentown diocese.

>>>wendy davis: lawmakers in harrisburg are coming together on a law to take guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

Pennsylvania doesn't often approve new gun control measures... but this one passed in the house today by a tw?

T?one margin.

>> rob vaughn: if the bill passes the senate..

And gets a stamp of approval by the governor tom wolf..

It would crack down on the gun ownership rules for domestic violence offenders.

Wfmz's josh rultenberg is in the newsroom with more on the proposed legislation.


>>> josh rultenberg: rob, wendy as the law currently stands anyone convicted of domestic violence or under an order of protection has 60 days to turn over their guns and they can give them to anyone who doesn't live with them.

However, house bill 2060, if signed into law, would considerably strengthen those standards.

>>> reporter since a gunman killed 17 students in parkland, florida on valentine's day, 39 states have passed new gun laws.

Partly because the killer had a history of domestic violence.

On wednesday, pennsylvania took a step towards becoming the 40th state to enact change.

>>> pa rep.

Mike schlossberg, lehigh "we know there's a huge connection between domestic violence and access to firearms as well as domestic violence and mass shootings."

>>> reporter house bill 2060 would require defendants issued a final order in protectio?fro?abuse cases to surrender all firearms within 24 hours.

Currently, people convicted of domestic violence have 60 days to comply and are allowed to give their weapons to a family member or friend.

>>> pa rep.

Mike schlossberg, lehigh "it's min?boggling that you could give your gun to somebody who could turn around and give it right back."

>>> reporter the bill insists firearms must be turned over to police, a gun dealer or a lawyer.

A similiar proposal unanimously passed the state senate in march.

Dr. fritz walker with the state's largest gun violence prevention organization, ceasefirepa is excited about the future.

>>> dr. fritz walker, ceasefirepa "it proves we can actually pass good commonsense gun regulations in pennsylvania and we can save lives."

>>> reporter governor tom wolf, also calling for stricter universal background checks, says... "i have long championed this reform and will sign this bill when it reaches my desk."

Reporter on the other side, berks county republican david maloney says... "we actually had a very good debate that produced a lot of information which led me to conclude that house bill 2060 needs a lot of work and is not ready for prime time."

Reporter even though pennsylvania, historically, has been one of the nra's biggest support states, lehigh county democrat peter schwyer believes 2060's passing could be a sign things are changing.

And as for those who say legislators don't care about your second amendment rights... >>> josh rultenberg: and the length in which someone's gun would be taken away from them would be either that of the protection order or five years after being convicted of domestic violence as long as the weapon is not evidence in a crime, if a person passes a background check, and the plaintiff is notified.

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