Fundraiser for baseball team

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Published on October 6, 2019 -

Fundraiser for baseball team

A youth baseball team headed to their World Series in Mississippi need your help to make sure they get there.


Fundraiser for baseball team

C1 3 b15 a group of six year old boys are putting the spotlight on macon.

Bloomfield youth baseball is getting ready to send their six and under team to the world series.

They were thrown a curveball with funding though.

41 nbc's tanya modersitzki has more on what they're doing to collect money and bring home that "w" let me root - root --root for the home team as the song goes.

The boys with bloomfield youth baseball all-stars have a week left before they grab their mitts and head to mississippi for the world series.

Before they do that, they need to come up with the rest of the money.

Nats the all-stars are speaking it into existence..

"winning "to win "we're going to win we'r going to bring it back home to macon georgia to the 478."

Nats next week -- the bloomfield youth baseball six-u boys head to mississippi to compete in the world series.

"for the kid tol leave home at such an early age to be able to travel and play this sport because this sport can do so much for you" i hasn't been all fun and games for the boys.

"pa attention to when the ball is hit."

They've been working hard -- in hopes of bringing home some hardware.

"we've been practicin nonstop we had monday off a long tournament this past weekend but the kids say they're ready to go they're excited."

Wit time winding down -- coach timothy scott says they're still in need of 15- hundred dollars for the trip.

To cover the cost of hotel and food.

"we know we're not going t reach that goal today but we'll probably do another fundraiser selling some plates or something like that."

The team is having car wash to help them out.

"cars $6 trucks $12 and we'r here until 730 8 tonight."

So show your hometown pride because these boys are ready to put it all out there on the diamond.

And bring home the gold.

"hopefully we can come home to parade if we bring something home."

The car wash is still going on at the advanced auto parts on mercer university drive.

They're also selling hot dogs and burgers.

The world series starts the world series starts tuesday june 26th.

If you weren't able to make the fundraiser but still want to help, head over to our 41 nbc-dot-com and click on this story.

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