One-Man Show Celebrates Actor, Singer and Civil Rights Activist

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Published on October 6, 2019 -
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One-Man Show Celebrates Actor, Singer and Civil Rights Activist

After this uh the hammer back the yacht a star is one man show the world is my home the life of paul rosen is joined by his wife and stage manager me she ever does getting to know the folks at the show which is paul ropes and pedal character in american history not only because of his acting career as an african american and his incredible voice which i think if no one knows who paul rosen is they have heard his voice oh man river.

I mean that that voice just reverberating you know out into the audience but he was also incredibly intelligent it was a lawyer valedictorian i was a political activists and spoke fifteen manages to tell me more about what he was um well he's the most unique of a fall on you know with the kids had the malcolm x from the frederick douglass and those people and um but most young people would want their lives because it's so dramatic ropes in was a paradigm for african american success he achieved in every area that made african american successful which was entertainment athletics law and social justice league football.

That's right the first signs of american football player i played football baseball basketball in college and then went on to records broken and then he went on to become the early nfl he played nearly fell as well but he succeeded in so many things and then as a singer entertainer actor on stage and screen you know a singer and he fought for social justice so in many ways he was jim brown lebron james martin luther king and frederick douglas.

You know rolled into one and so he sees quite unique in the fact that he spoke sixteen languages and was essential to the resistance movement against the jewels his music was banned by the nazis when you visit to warsaw ghettos in poland so he is truly a black renaissance man and his vision of a world without colours were all men are brothers proceed with the king by around sixty years so um it was really under that social criteria nineteen nineteen when america was an illiterate nation.

Here you had a valedictorian graduating going to columbia university law school and ivy league law school and the brightest four point two gpa so he was truly truly an amazing person so it's been my joy and pleasure to take it around the globe and the allies was a when you first heard about who paul robeson was with was that i was on in brooklyn you nosey ensued and the edges always know that he wanted to know though it happened quite by accident but you know um because i wanted to know a film intelligent career primarily as a screenwriter i've written scripts and a few things i have a new one that would promise of paradise should be coming out hopefully in the whole get to show that on in the coming year and so you know.

And meantime you know just storing it so it's the first two are here for the meeting characters a lot of material to work with but being a one man show.

You're the only one stage to a low head is at work it's just some suspension of disbelief the essence of acting you know you create moments to live it and i have six costume changes right in front of the audience and um it's an amazing you know an amazing thing and so what sells it is affecting more people see it the more the by the left are talking about the show coming up it's going to be at the citadel tonight and the show be dedicated to the memory of charles forster at seventeen years old he was just an honor student right here in charleston he broke the color line in nineteen sixty six and i graduated and became the first african american to graduate from the corps cadets in nineteen seventy and went on to a successful career before he was murdered and god outside of dallas in nineteen eighty six you know and so with honor his life going to do in orangeburg the whole this historical black college class lynn university.

And so that from there we go to morris brown college of morris brown.

It's named after me from trusting as well.

Ironically in atlanta the reverend charles guy does get a huge benefit for morris brown college and then coming back to myrtle beach on memorial day weekend for james stephens brandon asher theater there will be the head of er on the absolutely so you know showing two international yes i'm going to believe the nationals to the culture does bring this back to billy's of gregory and gregory and tom henry in the marcy him a tool in the cayman islands the patron saint of theater in cayman islands.

They've been keeping alive a few years we'll be doing the cayman islands and then the leadership conference in princeton university the fire leads the conference with danny glover and um and then finally to east africa and east african tour that will be sponsored by fielding airlines the number one fastest growing airline in the world and testing will have all the information box straws and cups of heating man traveling internationally can always catch our guests to study can ya to doing this fantastic

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