Loper Report: Three things you need to watch

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Published on October 5, 2019 -
News 3's Wil Loper has three things for you to watch this weekend.

Loper Report: Three things you need to watch

Here's "three things to watch."

New on home video this week is "thelma" the norweigan oscar nominated film tells the story of thelma, a woman finding she may have some kind of untapped power the psychological thriller is available to rent or buy everywhere now.

2 "who are you?"

"i'm your broth and you love me so much."

New on netflix is the film "6 balloons" "can you just roll up your sleeve?

Show me your arm" the film stars dave franco as a heroin addict and abbi jacobson as his sister, who's trying to get him to a detox center.

"i'll be fine i just need a little bit."

"i hav doneverything for you.

Don't say you understand what it's like, the worst thing you can say."

"it's the last time, i swear."

"6 balloons" is available to stream on netflix now.

"it's okay, it's okay."

3 "you've always been so independent."

"isn't that reckoned to be a good thing, aunt julie?"

"you always have the most extraordinary people here."

"what an interesting lif you lead, miss schlegel, dear."

And premiering on the starz movie channel is "howard's end" "the post's come, father."

"i don't understand, it's a letter from your mother."

"what does i say?"

"i should like miss margaret schlegel to have howard's end."


"who i miss schlegel?"

Based on the classic em forster novel, the series tells the story of three british families from different classes in the early 1900s.

"i like mr. wilcox."

"because you dissect him."

"don't you dissect mr. bast?"

"i like him so much."

"we're always mr. wilcox batter their way e through the abyss pulling heaps of money from it.

I hate him."

"you don't understand him."

"howard's end" premieres on starz this sunday at 7:00pm "i'm going my own way."

Happy watching.

I'm wil loper for news 3 this morning saturday.

Another milestone for the record- breaking superhero flick "black panther."

Marvel's mostly all-black superhero flick will become the first film to be shown publicly in saudi arabia in 35 years.

A majoriy of saudi theaters were closed in the early '80s following the country's adoption of strict religious legal codes.

Now... that ruling was reversed... and hundreds of theaters are planning to show the film... with 70-percent of news 3 this morning saturday.

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