Women take gun safety education into their own hands

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Published on October 5, 2019 -

Women take gun safety education into their own hands

Having guns in your home is a common thing here in the Gem State, and a new Magic Valley class is helping women learn more about how to become comfortable around the firearms.


Women take gun safety education into their own hands

About gun laws and school safety.

2 president trump has suggested tougher background checks and arming teachers.

2 florida's governor proposed raising the age to purchase an assault rifle to 21.

2 saturday, the congressman who represents parkland florida, called for action.

2 (sot - or sat0030 2 rep.

Ted deutsch, who represents parkland, florida, does the democratic saturday address.) 2 "2:00 nearly 20 years since columbine, we continue to suffer a mass gun violence problem that's uniquely american.

The rest of the developed world has fixed this and saved lives.

2:11" 2 several companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association.

2 united airlines tweeted it's "notifying the nra that we will no longer offer a discounted rate to their annual meeting..."

2 enterprise, hertz, metlife, and others have also ended relationships with the nra.

2 2 you just heard businesses are cutting ties with the gun rights organization.

2 delta airlines also announced today that they will no longer offer flight discounts to n-r-a members.

2 in a statement, the n-r-a accused those companies of trying to punish its members as a result of what happened in florida.

2 the group says it will partner with new companies that recognize, quote, "patriotism and determined commitment to constitutional freedoms" as strong characteristics.

2 having guns in your home is a common thing here in the gem state.

2 emily duke checked out a class where women are learning from one another how to safely handle those firearms. 2 (nats of gun) 2 (if there was shotgun shells in there they'd be flying out and hitting emily) 2 jessica minor spent saturday morning surrounded by women...and guns.

2 guns tend to be a male dominated industry.

2 that's why when minor became a certified instructor for the national rifle association...she decided to open women only courses.

2 i know how they feel, i know that they're nervous.

I've been there.

2 living in a state with high gun ownership minor told me women encounter the weapons in their daily lives...and 2 2 this is a really great course to teach women how to unload guns and how to make them safe in their homes.

2 women in the class learned how to safely handle, unload, store and clean 9 types of firearms... they even let me give it a go.

2 very very few women are highly experienced with all different types of actions, so this class is nice.

2 most of the women in the class told me the chance to learn surrounded by their peers put them at ease in an otherwise stressful situation.

2 2 most of the time if there's a bunch of guys i think you're more likely maybe not to ask the question because you don't want them to think that you're ignorant.

2 minor told me she was surprised by the popularity of the course 2 there's a big need here that i was unaware of.

A lot of women want to learn about firearms and a lot of women want to do more to educate themselves.

2 her first three classes have already filled...but she said she will continue to open classes as long as the interest continues.

2 we just want to make sure that these gals feel safe and feel confident handling the guns that they'll most likely encounter in their everyday lives at home.

2 emily duke...kmvt news 2 amy>> 2 2 coming up.... 2 hundreds in buhl rallied together to help one of their own today... 2 we'll tell you why... 2 amy>> 2 later... 2 there's an effort to make a form of medical mariuana legal in idaho... 2 we'll tell you where it is in the lawmaking process... 2 cristle>> 2 plus......stay tuned for weather

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