Sports Report: November 2nd

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Published on October 5, 2019 -
FOX 24 Sports Report with Scott Eisberg.

Sports Report: November 2nd

Warm in to the beginning of next week i'll get a peek at the full seven day forecasts before we finish up this evening the fox twenty four sports reporters sponsored by hoover the mover our breaking news good evening i'm scott eisenberg texans rookie in clemson great dish on watson's first nfl season is over according to numerous media reports watson tearing his acl today in practice it's the opposite when he tore in college he'll need surgery.

Heartbreaking not only for the guy watson is overcoming so much to shout winning over hearts in houston donating his first game check the texans cafeteria workers who lost everything and are again.

But the incredible rookie season he's having almost a sure shot rookie of the year and rumblings of watson for nfl mvp since taking over the texans starting role in week two he helped lead the texans the thirty three points fifty seven points thirty four points thirty three points in thirty eight points.

Espn reports that watson for the acl in practice in a non contract drills non contact drill died after practise clemson head coach dave rose sweeney weighing in saying in part quote all he did after the injury in twenty fourteen was come back and lead us to the national championship game twice and of course we won it last year he started all thirty games the last two years here i have no doubt he will come back from this he has the resolve his work ethic and drive are incredible and quotes let's talk college basketball so much excitement and anticipation for the college of charleston season picked by every imaginable publication to win the caa this year punch that tournament take it all starts a week from tomorrow night at home against siena.

Tonight the final tuneup against bob jones university from greenville.

Let's head to the tv arena and needless to say it's not often that bob jones university.

It's the beat ted valentine the game but the residents here in town have a retro looking good with the dunk eleven points for real or on the night then jerome brantley with the lay in sixteen for brantley they will certainly do most of the scoring for the college this year.

Newcomer oaths or not she's smart looking pretty good but bad for the coombs four for four from the floor for smart evan bailey who long haircuts got the little a little and called a headband in his hair knocks down the three right there.

Darrel brantley in the second half coach for more troops go on to win easy tonight over bob jones seventy seven forty four is the final from the arena s c state hurricane exhibition tonight at coastal carolina first half posting comes out stronger j sanders with the three johns bowl the early seven point lead with sanders going for a later former huntsville high school star gilad shalit a pretty pass to another has the votes in the fifteen is coastal debut bulldogs rally a bit before the half on the brake money apple white with a high floater postal of seventeen o at the half john graham the women in the season opener for the exhibition if you will eighty three sixty nine is the final they will host the philadelphia phillies named gabe kept were their new manager did a pretty cool for cap for the first game i ever managed for the greenville drive in the two thousand and seven season opener right here in charleston joe riley park after last one nothing that night to the river dogs managed by non pleasant story tyson and this is cool copper starter that night in charleston but jon lester coming back from cancer apple has never managed in the bigs special day for some kids going through tough times at nus and children's hospital this week getting a visit from some of the top stingray trevor gillies joey leach and return it in the guys on the ice off these off of it spreading of the year of the atrium mutually beneficial for the kids and north charleston's pro the marc forster and i uh it's it's pretty cool to watch somebody that is obviously fighting a lot harder than we are and you know i respected that places such a precious gift and to be able to upgrade their

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