Closing Gun Loopholes KNWA

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
Closing Gun Loopholes KNWA

Closing Gun Loopholes KNWA

Certain senators say as many as one in four gun sales occur without a background check,.

((nate)) knwa's alexandra limon shows us a proposed bill that would close that loophole.

### ((alexandra)) as many as one in four guns are purchased without a background check in the us according to research.

That's because of things like guns shows and private sales.

That's what these democratic lawmakers say.

So they're introducing "the background check expansion act.

They say it will close a dangerous and deadly loophole.

And just weeks after a shooter killed 58 peple and injured hundreds in las vegas.senator catherine cortez masto is calling for action.


Catherine cortez masto, (d) nevada it is not time, it is past time to reduce gun violence in this country it is common sense.

((alexandra)) gun violence happens on a daily basis.

In places like illinois senator dick durbin, (d) illinois we've see so far this year 3000 gunshot victims and 500 gun deaths in the city of chicago.

((alexandra)) and in maine parent mos: one january 8 2010 our 25 eyar old daughter was sleeping in her bed when masked intruders burst into her bedroom and started shooting.

((alexandra)) that 25-year-old student was killed and her murder remains unsolved even though the weapon was found at the scene of another murder.

Her parents say that's because the gun was bought at a gun show where no backround check was required.

Under current law, unlicensed or private sellers are not required to conduct a background check prior to transferring a firearm this bill would change that.

Alexandra limon / @alexlimonnews the lawmakers who introduced the bill say there are common sense exceptions in it, like for people who are gifting guns to family members lawmakers, citizens and groups like the nra who are opposed to tightening federal gun laws say criminals will still get guns illegally and that tighter laws wouldn't have prevented the shooting in las vegas.

Senator cortez masto says she hears that argument a lot.


Catherine cortez masto, (d) nevada but i can guarantee you if we have universal background checks we are going to save a life.

In washington alexandra limon, knwa northwest arkansas news.

### ((marissa)) stick around-- chief meteorologist dan skoff is

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