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Published on October 4, 2019 -
A bi-partisan agreement is in the works regarding the sale of bump stocks.


And a bi-partisan agreement is in the works regarding the the sale of bump stocks.

The gun accessory - mimics automatic gunfire in semi-automatic weapons.

House speaker paul ryan says more educated on bump stocks is needed.

Ryan also wants to know how they became available in the first place.

Fully automatic weapons are banned in the united states.

Politicians tonight seeing how they can prevent another massacre by debating whether to pass a ban on bump stocks.

Fox 44's sydney hernandez spoke with one local gun shop owner who thinks those elected officials are just wasting their time.

This bump stock allows semi automatic firearms to bounce the rifle off the user's shoulder and bump the trigger back into the trigger finger at an alarming speed like an automatic firearm.

Las vegas police confirm stephen paddock modified several weapons and that's how he was able to fire so many rounds during his deadly rampage.

Now u.s. senator adam kinzinger is asking the a-t-f to make changes.

"i think it violates the spirit of the law and we're asking atf that ruled in 2010 to reevaluate."

Brent martin who owns hawk eye gun range in temple says he doesn't think the ban on bump stocks will make a difference.

"it's pointless because it's not going to have any afffect on anything if it happens again, it's not going to stop anything."

Martin says if bump stocks become illegal- people will just make their own.

"there's multiple ways to get the same effect without even using a bump stock, bump firing has been around forever, anyone can fashion a simple device and covert a semi into an automatic simply it doesn't take rocket science."

Two texas republicans in congress senator john cornyn and representative bill flores say they still want a federal ban on bump stocks.

And they're not the only ones.

"i would pray that the nra would do some soul searching about bump stocks."

Senator diane fiensteen introduced legislation wednesday to ban bump stocks.

Martin says regardless of the law- mass shootings will continue.

"murder is illegal, everything this guy did that night was illegal, possesion of something he's not supposed to have is not going to matter, if he's determined to kill people he's going to kill people."

Reporting in temple sydney hernandez fox 44news.

Senator cornyn saying today- the easiest way to stop bump stocks would be to ask the a-t-f to change

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