Debate Over New Possible Gun Bans

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
Debate Over New Possible Gun Bans

Debate Over New Possible Gun Bans

Support for a possible ban on the kits that enable people to turn guns intno fully automatic weaponsis coming from a surprising place members of the republican party... some say they're open to the debate.alexandra limon tells us about more about the gun debate on capitol hill in response to the las vegas shooting.republicans seem to be willing to talk about an effort to outlaw so-called bump stockshouse speaker paul ryan in an interview with msnbc's hugh hewittsaid he just learned about the devices."apparently this allows you to take a semi automatic and turn it into a fully automatic, so clearly it's something we need to look into."police say they found some of the devices in the hotel room used by the shooter in las vegas.democrats want the devices outlawed "we have to act now and we're not going away.

We've told the families, we have to pass something.""i know there are strong beliefs about guns in american, principled beliefs.

But there are also steps the overwhelming majority of americans "i'm not going to give up in trying to get the message across that we can respect the 2nd amendment of the constitution and still take action to make but republicans remain divided republican senate leader john cornyn said there should be a hearing about bump stocks even the president is interested in listeningwe certainly welcome that and would like to be part of that conversation.florida congressman carlos curbelos' office tells me he is one of a group of moderate house republicans who plan to introduce their own bill proposing a ban on bump stocks.

But todd rokita of indiana isn't so surethe only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.the nra has released a statement of its ownsaying bump stocks should be subject to additional review.

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