Bar Show - 9/25/17

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
Bar Show - 9/25/17

Bar Show - 9/25/17

[?] >> joy: welcome back to our special "ozarks live!"

Restaurant show.

It's not about the food.

Just about the food as we mentioned.

Part of the nra show, national restaurant association show, is the bar show, which stands for beverage and alcohol for restaurants.

Sound fun for you?

>> tom: i think chicago is not the same after you two were there.

>> joy: what do we remember?

>> luckily, the bar show is only two days of the four that we were there.

And it was good.

It was enlightening.

And we'll see the footage.

>> joy: all right.

Let's jog our memories.

Check this out.

>> whoo!


>> what is going on with this?

>> joy: beer and tea.

>> beer and tea together.

And watermelon.


>> this is our new product, a froze that we're launching.

Begin, cardimom and black pepper.

>> these are bugs.

>> grass hoppers.

They're tasty with my beers.

They're full of protein.

>> texture is not weird.

Pretty good.

Very salty.

>> joy: do you need the beer?

>> yeah, you need something to wash that down with.

>> okay.

What is this thing?

>> so it will mix for you.

Comes with an app.

The app has 75 different recipes.

>> you could punch the cocktail from your couch and get it poured.

>> and who is going to bring it to me?

>> your kids.

>> this is my dog for 11 years.

>> i love my dog so much, i'm going to name a bloody mary after him.

>> absolutely!

>> so if gives you.

[inaudible] three to five minutes.

>> this is sliced watermelon margarita and a kick of habanero.

>> it's a smartsensing system.

If you want a five or six ounce pour.

Whatever you want.

You know pours are going on, what station.

>> these are pints made out of.

[inaudible] they're in detectible.

>> it's a free t.v.

For bars and restaurants.

It's completely free.

>> the thyme was so amazing with the flavors.

I forget about all the herbs out there that you can really step up a drink with.

It's amazing.

It's delicious.

So good!

I've got to pace myself.

>> joy: hey, man.

>> to get out of control.

Love the bar show.

>> joy: like that guy.

>> like that guy.

[laughter] >> this is tiki sangria.

No deposit.

No return.

The sangria is in the bag.

T it squeezes the bag and the sangria goes up the line.

You can use air to pressurize it instead of co two.

It's good for nine months.

It stays fresh.

We have a clamp on tower so you can have it for a wedding outdoors.

A bar can have it on a deck for a saturday party.

It's completely portable.

>> this is the first fully auto meated jello shot machine.

It's similar to a keurig coffee machine.

Put your liquor up here.

Anywhere from four minutes to 14 minutes, you have a full tray of shots ready to go.

Cucumber, chili, lime tequila is a great, great shot.

>> joy: nom, nom, nom, nom!

>> you're going to love this!


I can't believe i'm eating this after last night.

>> joy: i won't tell.

The world will know.

[laughter] >> whoa!


>> it's a recover shot.

A hangover prevention and relief.

So besides the hangover that i'm going to take back with me, i really like some of these ideas with bitters and bringing back old school cocktails.

We do that at the restaurant anyway.

But i'd like to introduce a little bit more of that to the public back home.

[laughter] >> joy: tom and i pitched in and got you a life of life support.

>> how sweet.

I needed those after this weekend, too.

>> joy: i figured that you might.

[laughter] >> joy: tom, in case you need one.

>> tom: a hangover, hang on.

>> joy: speaking of, you were inspired by the nra show to make your own cocktail, correct?

>> yes we went to a booth that had drink makers.

The coffee maker.

But they had flavored syrups.

And they would make these wonderful club soda syrup drinks.

>> joy: they make their own club soda, too.

>> yeah, so i want to incorporate that with cocktail.

So let's do it.

Are you ready?

>> tom: okay.

>> joy: we had something like this at the show, that was just like a nice soda.

And we got that three or four times.

>> yeah, it was refreshing.

[laughter] >> i had those in the morning.

They didn't have the alcohol in them.

>> tom: i didn't say anything.

[laughter] >> tom: i'm just being jovial.

>> this is a habanero lime syrup.

You're thinking it's going to be hot.

But it's not too hot.

It just has a little kick to it.

And you're like, whoa, what is that flavor?

It's got back heat.

And you cool it off with cucumber.

>> joy: very nice.

>> tom: so tequila habanero, lime.

>> no.

That's vodka.

Those pumpers aren't working great, but that's okay.

We're going to top it off with a little bit of club soda.

>> joy: lime.

>> and pretty cucumber slice, too.

>> joy: i think she should call it the fancy nancy.

I don't think you've given it a name.

>> tom: how about fancy nancy?

>> that's a great idea.

>> joy: tom, try it.

>> try that.

Fe it's really good.

>> joy: i'm going to vouch that that's good.

>> tom: oh, that is good!

I wouldn't have expected that!

>> i know.

The cucumber is wonderful together.

>> tom: that's tasty.

>> joy: we have -- oh, my, that's so good.

From drinks to back to food.

Another local restaurant is gearing up for fall.

We're going

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