Health Care Changes

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Published on October 3, 2019 -
What would the American HealthCare Act mean for your taxes?

Health Care Changes


(amanda) the fight over health care intensifies with an avalanche of criticism (john) the house bill to replace the aca -- can only afford to lose 21 republican votes.

According to cnn's whip count -- already *eighteen* house republicans have said no .or are leaning that way and speaker of the house paul ryan's bill faces an even steeper climb in the senate sen.

Marco rubio / r- florida: "i don't think anyone believes that it's current form would pass before the senate" (amanda) sources tell cnn privately the white house is encouraging leadership to make more changes now .

Acknowledging the current house bill cannot pass in the senate.

(john) millions of americans would be impacted by the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act...that includes tax changes.

(amanda) aaron thomas joins us live from state college to explain some of changes that could be in store, aaron?

Aaron thomas, wtaj news currently, the affordable care act is based on income.

The proposed american health care act takes people's age into consideration.

These changes cause concern for some healthcare providers, and some relief for accountants.


Stickel, accountant "the affordable care act has been a nightmare for accountants."

Last year's tax season was a handful for accountant a-c stickel.

Dealing with the goverment's health insurance marketplace means new clients....and new forms. a.c.

Stickel, accountant "it really took a lot of time on our part to inquire what type of coverage they had."

Many americans look forward to a tax credit or refund.replacine act with the american healthcare act could mean changes on how much a person under the government-provided healthcare system gets in a tax credit.

Voice of: sue forster, centre volunteers in medicine "we are gearing up in case of the american health plan..if people are going to be dropped off their plan" centre volunteers in medicine in centre county provides free medical and dental care for about 2000 people.

Senator bob casey released county-by-county statistics on wednesday...suggesting middle class families and older pennsylvanians will take the biggest hit under the new healthcare law.

In the year 2020...a family of four making 40,000 would lose nearly 1400 dollars in tax credits.

A single 60-year-old living in centre county with a 20- thousand dollar income... would lose nearly $4,000 in tax credits.

Voice: sue forster "to begin to put the burden on older people is, it's pretty devastating to me.

You know, for them to carry the load..it's gonna cost the public a lot more."

Aaron thomas, @aaronthomastv according to a nonpartisan group known as the congressional budget office... repealing and replacing the affordable care act would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance over the next 10 years.

Live in state college, aaron thomas, wtaj news.


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