Our Town Door County: Newport State Park

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Published on October 1, 2019 -
Our Town Door County: Newport State Park

Our Town Door County: Newport State Park

>>> this may be door county like you have never seen it before.

We're talking about stargazing.

Newport state park is on their way to certification to becoming a dark sky park.

>> lisa: park manager michelle is here to tell us why.

It's prime time there.

Good morning.

>> guest: good morning.

Let's start by introducing people to the park.>> lisa: about 20 miles from here?

>> guest: 19 or 20 miles.

I call it the hangnail of door county.

>> lisa: we got introduced to the park because you have dog friendly beaches.

>> guest: pretty much the whole shoreline dogs are welcome.

>> millaine: camping is available.

You need to get a little adventurous.>> guest: backpack camping only.

We have 16 campsites.

You have to walk about a mile -and-a-half give or take.

Most of them are little bit more to get everything in and back out.

Very rustic.

>> lisa: then you're guaranteed some beautiful nighttime viewing peerless talk about later park is such a great destination.

>> guest: we are about five miles to the west.

More than five miles to this health and the north and all the way across south michigan.

Our main viewing area is our picnic area on lake michigan.

We have no artificial light.

The skies are just awesome.

It's pretty spectacular.>> millaine: i understand you are able to see a meteor shower.

>> guest: yes.

We open the park on friday, august 12.

The meteor shower is when you can set your clock.

It's every august 12 predawn hours.

This year is supposed to be spectacular.

They are saying there could be as many as 150 meteors per hour.

We were out taking nighttime photos sunday night and we were already seeing them.

There spectacular.

>> lisa: why is it important to be certified as a dark sky park?

>> guest: let people in, natural resources as the land in the water.

The dark sky and light pollution is becoming a huge issue.

It screws up wildlife with the circadian rhythm.

It screws up our rhythm.

We actually need dark for a certain length of time.

There's an estimate out there that 80 to 83 percent of people and kids nowadays have never seen the milky way.

>> lisa: you can at newport state park.

Congratulations to you guys on the way to that certification and thank you for coming this morning.

Let's take a look at the details of the meteor event coming up coming up next friday,

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