Andy Beshear PKG

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Published on August 30, 2019 -
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Andy Beshear PKG

C1 3 attorney general andy beshear is facing a setback after the kentucky supreme court ruled yesterday that beshear cannot hire outside lawyers to his team that's suing distributors and manufacturers of opioid painkillers.

The ruling comes just months before beshear and gov.

Bevin face off in the general election in november.

Abc 36's travis harmon-smith has more on the ruling in our top story.

L3: top story white court rules against beshear in dispute over opioid suits .... ag andy beshear " these companies created a campaign of misinformation."

That was the feeling of attorney general andy beshear during a press conference in 20-18... showing opposition against opioid manufacturers.

But this time.... beshear's fight against opioid manufacturers went to kentucky's highest court.

On thursday, the kentucky supreme court ruled unanimously that the attorney general isn't allowed to hire outside lawyers to assist his battle with pharmaceutical companies over the opioid epidemic.

The ruling stated that beshear tried to hire the morgan and morgan law firm to help in his lawsuits.

That ruling overturns a 7-0 ruling by franklin circuit court judge philip shepard who said beshear could hire outside attorneys without the bevin adminstration's approval.

But gov.

Matt bevin feels beshear broke the law.

Bevin released the following statement regarding the supreme court's ruling.

The governor said quote.

" the supreme court today unanimously held that andy beshear broke the law in awarding outrageous, uncapped state legal contracts to his friends and campaign donors.

" he went on to say quote" if allowed to continue, that practice could take millions of dollars away from kentuckians who need it most and put it in the pockets of andys largest campaign contributors.

Travis harmon- smith... abc 36 news.... a slain woman's grandmother is speaking out.

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