Noble Orchards Apples hosts free apple event

Video Credit: KHSL
Published on August 28, 2019 -
Noble Orchards Apples is hosting a free "You Pick Them" apple event.

Noble Orchards Apples hosts free apple event

### for years, it has been a north state tradition - hand-picking fruit from a one of the region's most well known orchards.

Now - a milestone after the camp fire - noble orchards apples are available... cecile juliete is live at the farm... cecile, are these apples now on sale?

They're not on sale, they're free!

Paradise's oldest and only apple orchard survived the camp fire.

But the buildings on the property were destroyed.

Now, the apples are available, but they're not for sale, they're free!

Laurie noble and her husband's home was destroyed, but they've been working to bring the farm back online for months.

They say they've watered their orchard, but can't sell these apples.

She says just show up with a bucket, and they're all yours!

The address is 70-50 pentz road.### you're

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