WCBI News at Ten - Thursday, August 22, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Thursday, August 22, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Thursday, August 22, 2019

We begin with breaking news tonight out of walker county alabama, where a car crash claims the life of a young hamilton, mississippi woman// alabama state troopers say 23- year-old scottie logan was killed when the vehicle she was driving collided with a tractor trailer// the accident happened just after noon today on interstate 22 near the 43 mile marker about three miles west of carbon hill// troopers say logan was pronounced dead at the scene// the accident is still under investigation// columbus police need help finding a man who's been missing a little over two weeks// 66-year-old willie mack henderson, junior was last seen august 6th walking around the areas of 18th street and 7th avenue north in columbus behind ok-food store// police chief fred shelton says henderson has vision problems// he doesn't drive so police are hoping maybe someone saw him and helped him out// anyone with information is asked to call police// the lowndes county school board is beginning its search for a new superintendent.

Current superintendent lynn wright's term ends in december.

And since he was elected in 2015 state law has changed.

Now all school superintendents must be appointed rather than elected tonight, residents had a chance to tell board members what they would like see in the next leader.

Quentin smith was at that meeting.

He joins us live with more..

Scott, this will mark the first time school board members have had to appoint a superintendent..


Residents say they're looking for someone who has integrity... who's active in the community.... and someone who puts students in the best position to succeed.

Appointing a district superintendent.

That's the task this school board is now facing.

For parents like kelly leonard, this is going to be a huge decision..

" this is going to affect thei lives for the next four years and the next eight years if this person gets reappointed again."

Leonard has two kids in the school district.

" i have a seven-year-old littl girl in seventh grade and a nine-year-old little boy in fourth grade."

While she admits, she doesn't agree with the new law requiring school board's to appoint its superintendent.

" i mean i don't understand ho the state expects five people to do it instead of letting the entire community decide like we've done it in the past."

What she does agree on is choosing the best candidate possible.

On thursday leonard was one of several concerned parents that came out to express to the school board about what they'd like to see in their next superintendent.

The lowndes county mother says she wants the board to appoint someone who is fair...honest... and puts the students first.

"these children come from al walks of life whether they are in pre-k all the way until they are teenagers, until they are in high school and are seniors and are leaving, they all have different backgrounds.

We need somebody who cares about our children and our children's future."

The board has now partnered with the mississippi school board association to help them make this decision.

" now they are processin them to make sure that the applicants have the correct qualifications and they are doing a background check and then they are going to give those back to us, i want to qualify."

A total of 15 candidates have applied for the position.

The school board hopes to make their decision in the coming months.... " hopefully by the end o october, 1 of november we hope., or maybe even a little sooner."

Wright is eligible to be appointed and keep his position if the board chooses to make that decision the appointed superintendent will begin serving in that role in january.

The city of columbus lays out its plan for the 20 budget for the fiscal year// if it tracks out right the city could have close to 900- thousand dollars in it's general fund// as the plan stands now the city estimates spending just over 23 million dollars.

That's counting paying employees salaries and things like that// the plan also includes generating a hunk of cash.

They're hoping to bring in almost 24-million dollars in revenue// there's also a plan in place to save money through the fiscal year// "monitoring the over time, th spending month to month and sending out reports to the department heads to let them know where they stand on their spending.

If they're close to going over it's highlighted in red to let you know hey this is your red flag.

We need see what we can do or what we can hold back on so we don't go go over" the budget isn't finalized just yet.

Another budget meeting is scheduled for next thursday.

First look stinger first look summary: rain chances increase for the medicaid expansion has been part of the political conversation in jackson for the last several years.

Now it's taking center stage in the fight for the republican governor's nomination.

Expansion or reform?

Either way you look at it - the issue boils down to affordability and accessibility to healthcare for mississippians.

Courtney ann jackson explains.

When you hear mention of medicaid expansion or reform---people are referring to opening a form of insurance coverage to the state's working poor who currently make too much to qualify for medicaid but not enought for private insurance.

Bill waller's platform mirrors that of the state hospital association and what they've dubbed as the mississippi cares plan.

So, i asked them---do they call it a form of medicaid expansion?

"the worst thing in the worl the state of ms could do would be to expand medicaid.

So, in order to reform it...let's do it a different way.

It's a plan he says won't cost taxpayers and will help save rural hospitals in danger of closing.

The hospital association says it doesn't include state dollars.

"it makes it a public/privat partnership because you have hospitals that are coming together with planned participants that have to pay into the plan and then you have matching federal dollars."

You've heard tate reeves discuss this as "obamacar expansion".

Governor bryan is backing him on that.

"now i hear organizations ar saying it's not obamacare, it's indianacare, illinoiscare, kentuckycare.

I said last week in a post, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...it's a duck."

Bryant argues that medicaid expansion was a key component to obamacare.

"it's unconstitutional.

Whe the fifth circuit and yes the supreme court rules that obamacare is in fact unconstitutional, the authority for the federal government to pay their portion of medicaid will go away."

Reeves has presented a plan that does not include any form of medicaid expansion or reform but rather a list of changes including creating incentives for doctors to locate to under-served areas and using more telemedicine.

Courtney ann jackson - wcbi news reeves has argued he doesn't believe in putting thousands more people on government rolls.

Waller stands by the idea that it won't be at a taxpayer expense because of the public/private model.

Take developing story stinger a boil water notice remains in effect for the city of starkville through saturday at the latest// the boil water notice comes after one of the contractors for atmos energy hit a main waterline on wednesday.

Mayor lynn spruill says the line wasn't just broken but was split down a 20 ft long pipe.

After 14 hours that pipe was replaced.

Mayor spruill says the leak was so large it made it tough to isolate causing the majority of the water tanks in town to drain.

Because of that most of the city lost water pressure.

That city-wide boil water notice after wednesday's water outage has caused a different sort of outage for residents.

Water, cokes, tea.... residents and restaurants are stocking up..

Restaurant employees are taking turns running to the grocery story to keep the drinks flowing.

Others are keeping water boiling to help with their cooking.

And there was a bigger concern - taking care of students across the city..

"we tweet it out and text it ou this this morning between the starkville academy and starkville school district.

You know if you can send your kid with a couple bottles of water.

I called robert clark this morning and asked him if there was someway he could help and they are donating 2500 bottles of water to all the schools."

"we've had to take time off t go buy the products bring them back change our pricing structure on different things and it's just a different animal that we had to do it today.

We can't make tea today because you know it's made with water any of our coca-cola products from the fountain machines all of those are off today."

Water samples have been taken to jackson for testing stinger wx open summary: rain chances increase for the end of the week and into the weekend.

If you have any plans for saturday or sunday, you may want to have a backup plan.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s for the weekend.

Thursday night: a shower or two is possible, otherwise partly cloudy.

Lows will be in the low 70s.

Friday: more widespread showers and storms likely by friday afternoon, so bring the umbrella into work.

Highs will be near 90.

Saturday- sunday: widespread showers and storms continue through the weekend.

It won't rain constantly, but it's likely that everyone will see some rain at some point each day.

Rain will help to the endzone starts tomorrow night.... but some teams just couldn't wait... high school football is back!

Highlights not only do we deal with spring allergies but the fall season has it's own allergy triggers// we learn how to manage them in our health talk with baptist.

Segment 3: how can you protect yourself against fall allergies?

Hi, i'm dr. justin garner and i'm part of the otolaryngology team at baptist memorial hospital-golden triangle.

I want to talk to you about fall allergies.

If you have fall allergies, there are some steps you can take to manage your symptoms. stay inside with the doors and windows closed when pollen is at its peak and keep a close check on pollen counts in your area.

Before you turn your heat on for the first time, clean your heating vents and change the filter.

Bits of mold and other allergens can get trapped in the vents over the summer and will fill the air as soon as you start the heating unit.

Other steps you can take include: ?

Use a hepa filter in your heating system to remove pollen, mold and other particles from the air.


Use a dehumidifier if you need to, to keep your air at between 35% and 50% humidity.


Wear a mask when you rake leaves so you don't breathe in mold spores.


Remove pollen from your skin and hair by showering frequently ?

Dry your clothes inside in the dryer instead of hanging clothes outside.


Have decaying leaves removed from your yard and gutters.

If your symptoms of sneezing, runny nose or itchy and watery eyes get worse in the fall, you probably have an outdoor fall allergy.

80% of people with seasonal allergies complain about these symptoms as well as problems with sleeping, being tired, having poor concentration and decreased productivity at school or work.

But the good news is, treatment is available.

Having your allergies properly identified and treated will help you and your family enjoy the season.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist.

Stinger the high school football tour crosses the finish line this evening with it's final stop...the columbus falcons is next in sports spx open nine days before kickoff...mississip pi state and joe moorhead finally put an end to the quarterback competition tommy stevens has been named starting quarterback for week one....the grad transfer senior given the nod over keytoan thompson moorhead says stevens met the criteria better over the past few weeks "tommy jumped out of the gat strong at the beginning of camp...closing into the first scrimmage kt kind of closed the gap and had a real nice first scrimmage.

From that point forward tommy created a separation and continued to do that towards the end of camp.

So we told both guys and informed the team that tommy stevens has earned the right to be the starting quarterback for us this year.

Certainly are excited about what kt did and how he performed and going to be an asset for us.

Were gonna need him to win a game for us this year."

Legendary head coach mc miller's retirement didn't last long...the former louisville head coach is back in the game..

Miller joing newton high school's staff as defensive coordinator miller will be teaming up with head coach zachare grady, who was a former player of his at louisville football is back and starts with tish county taking on the tcps eagles.

1st quarter, braves ball.

Blake counce drops back and passes but the throw is a little high and intercepted by john avery herrod.

Later in the quarter, eagles ball.

Kie holiday drops back and lofts one deep for graham crisman who comes down with it at the 1!!!

Big time grab by crisman.

Eagles finish the drive with a td.

Now up 7-0, holiday fakes it to the running back, cuts upfield, jukes right and scores the touchdown!!

Tcps goes up 14-0 in the first and don't look back.

The final in this one tcps 45 tish county 17.

The final stop on the high school football tour checks in with the columbus falcons... columbus high will have endured three straight years seasons of a new head coach...but the feeling around the practice field is third times a charm, as the falcons will be lead by someone who knows what it's like to win... áábillboardááá josh pulphus knows how to win.... the former west point assistant takes over as head coach in columbus....leading a football program in need of a championship mindset.

The falcons coming off a winless season in 2018....but pulphus says you wouldn't know it from how hard his team has worked in the offseason.

"the thing about life an football is, we seem to treat failure as a form of keeping you down.

These guys have embraced it.

They've learned from the mistakes they've made this past year, and they are learning and happy about trying to move forward."

"oh man, i've seen a lot o growth.

Last year we were down, down, i'm talking like playing in practice and everything, playing around in practice.

This year, he ain't going for that.

He's trying to make sure we're better, get to where we want to be."

"he comes to work every day motivation.

He motivates us.

We just come out here and work hard every day."

Ethan conner will lead the offense for the falcons this year, surrounded by plenty of young talent that experienced the tough times over the past two seasons.

Pulphus says it's not a matter of if, but when, for columbus to break out of its slump.

"you got to have breaks you've got to have breaks.

Football is a game about breaks.

Going back to west point last year, we played two games, we got two big breaks in the special teams. so columbus, they're waiting and they're due for the chance to succeed and they're just waiting on their big break."

Columbus will experience a change of scenery, moving down to class 5a in 2019....but it doesn't get any easier the falcons will have to go through the likes of west point and lafayette in region 1- 5a.

"west point is still the kin because they're the reigning champs, but the old saying, they're the champs until you knock them out.

And lafayette was a strong number two.

We got our hands full, but we can control what we can control.

As long as we play hard and let the chips fall as they may, we'll be alright."

"one game at a time, baby, on game at a time.

I can't explain anything else, one game at a time.

Make sure we get our plans straight, be in there watching film.

Make sure we get everything down."

Columbus begins it's season on the road friday at provine.

With the falcons on the high school football tour, tom eble, wcbi sports."

We're following more breaking news tonight this out of brooksville.

We're told an 82 year-old woman has died in a fatal house fire.

Her son spoke to our crews there who just got to the scene and tells us she was disabled and unable to get out of the house.

We spoke with the noxubee county coroner just moments before he got to the scene and here's what he told us.

"i'm just about to get to th scene.

I know there's a body in there but i don't know if it's a man or woman" for the latest tune into wcbi sunrise starting at 4:30 and on line at wcbi dot com.

Last look stinger stinger last

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