Healthcare in Kentucky: Addiction

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Published on July 18, 2019 -

Healthcare in Kentucky: Addiction



Healthcare in Kentucky: Addiction

Guys go up even higher up to possibly hundred and 100 ... erica melissa think my addiction today we want to welcome dr. kimberly and the chief executive officer at pathways also have the holder with united health care community outreach stinky but joining today okay let's first start with pathways to more about it on the mental health program okay will pathways is i want to 14 communion health centers in the state of kentucky and we served 10 counties in northeastern kentucky including bath boyd carter elliott recovery morgan i'm leaving the out menifee wel and and greenup and we have been this is for over 50 years the range of services from invention to addiction services both residential and inpatient, outpatient mental health, intellectual development stabilities and we served about 15,000 people per year in our counties and we had about five women can affect the make i reach a is is fantastic news.

I united healthcare honestly doin like to address you so we present you linus come back again retiree healthcare so we believe in total body and healt and physical and mental wellness for our members so we partner with community organizations such as pathways to assist them with addiction treatment forcefully in kentucky speciall eastern kentucky mental health providers are lacking so we are partnering the with them and have provided them a recent grant to allow them to have telehealth services so without we can reach more ... people.

As far as the mental health i needs go people aren't aware of tell how tells more about so telehealth is a way of patients accessing care through the internet and telehealth monitors so that they can actually the of rider face-to- face and have an appointment with them and get their needs that way set a box actually having to go to to an office so i it's a great way to proceed here in a world were very proud to provide the grant to pathways to allow that you i imagine that a huge deal with a grant sure techie and there to help.

Or maybe just to help but think one of the things is i think there' our website out there that find help kentucky.for and our services are certainly on their as are many other addict service and because that website is specifically for addiction services in kentucky as far as pathways goes you can go to our web site you ww.have ways-ky.or and there you can actually live with somebody also call us at 606 11 111 and there are is a said you know health in the state we are the safetynet we help those who have the greatest needs in the fuse resources so there is help available, although as can as others certainly work or shortage in the behavioral health the lien you would like more information about this and they wanted mall parking ... so we have information on our website.

It's uhc community plan.com and feedback the well again www.pathways-ky.or four 606 retune for 1141 i want to thank

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