News Hounds: Newborn jaguar cubs, Sea Lion pup, Zebra foal and more!

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Published on July 6, 2019 -
Lola and Lui round up this week's animal stories.

News Hounds: Newborn jaguar cubs, Sea Lion pup, Zebra foal and more!

Finally, most of you are enjoying a long four day weekend, but not lola and lui.

They've been busy in the newshounds world headquarters compiling the best animal stories of the week for the newshounds now update.

This week on the newhounds, an adorable baby sea lion.

Two adorable jaguar cubs.

And who wouldn't love this face.


But first, the oppresive heat wave in europe moves east, but these penguins in serbia are as cool as cucumbers.

Temperatures hit 102 degrees so the penguins have been cooling off in pools which zoo staff keep at a refreshing 68 degrees.

Same goes for the seal at the belgrade zoo.

Here's hoping for cooler weather.

It's time for zoo babies.

The public in brazil will soon be able to get a glimpse of two jaguar cubs born at a wildlife reserve.

The female cub has black fur like her mother nina.

The male takes after the father who is spotted.

The brother and sister are part of a breeding program that started in 2007 in an attempt to save the species which brazil classifies as "vulnerable."

Now there are two more jaguars in the world.

Say hello to one of brookfield zoo's newest additions, a california sea lion pup.

He was born at the chicago area zoo on june 10th.

His mom is nine year old josie.

The two are currently behind the scenes bonding with the little guy learning how to swim.

The public will be able to see this adorable new resident in a few weeks.

And check out the newest addition to the l.a.

Zoo, a newborn zebra.

The foal is still un-named but we do know he's a boy.

His parents are seven year old male call-fawn- ee and five year old female doo- knee.

The parents are part of a herd of zebras that came to the zoo in 2016 through a species survival program.

And finally, he may not be a beauty, but he's still top dog.

"scamp the tramp" took top honors at the 31st annual world's ugliest dog contest held in california.

The big-eyed, dreadlocked pooch beat 19 other contestants for the title.

According to his bio, "scamp the tramp" was found and resuced in los angeles an hour before he was set to be euthanized.

Scamp and his owner get a trophy and a 15- hundred dollar prize.

"scamp the tramp" is now scamp and champ.

And that's this

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