Supreme Court Rules on Gerrymandering Case

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Published on June 27, 2019 -
Supreme Court Rules on Gerrymandering Case

Supreme Court Rules on Gerrymandering Case

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Ranging political implications... natalie brand has more from the supreme court.

In a complicated ruling, the supreme court has blocked the citizenship question from the 2020 census, for now.

The high court is sending the issue back to the commerce department for technical reasons, saying the agency's explanation for adding the question was inadequate.

(donut) (sketches)the justices heard 8?

Minutes of arguments on the case in april.administ ration lawyers called the citizenship question reasonable even though it hasn't been a part of the survey since 1950.the government argued it needed the citizenship information to enforce the voting rights act.

Then in early june&the american civil liberties union urged the court to send the census case back to a lower court to reconsider new evidence.new york and maryland federal judges are looking over documents that allege a no?deceased gop redistricting strategist& thomas hofeller (hoff ler)& helped orchestrate the question with the trump administratio n to create an electoral advantage for republicans and no?

Hispanic whites.

Three lower courts sided with opponents of the question.

They argued millions of people would not respond to the census out of fear the question will be used against them.

(gfx)the lack of responses could affect how federal money is allocated, could determine how many representativ es each state gets in congress and could eventually give republicans a bigger electoral advantage.

(standup: natalie brand/ cbs news/the supreme court)"in a ?4 decision, the supreme court also ruled that the lon?time practice of partisan gerrymanderi ng can not be decided by federal courts."

(track)lower courts had found that congressiona l district maps drawn in maryland and north carolina went too far in benefitting one political party over the other... critics say the ruling may embolden more states to engage in partisan redrawing of district maps.

The high court has previously ruled states can not redraw districts to disadvantage racial minorities natalie brand, cbs news,

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