Flowers Scotus 06-21-19

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Published on June 21, 2019 -
The U-S Supreme Court overturns the convictionof Curtis Flowers.

Flowers Scotus 06-21-19

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The u-s supreme court overturns the conviction of curtis flowers.

In the past two decades, flowers has been tried 6 times for the murders of 4 people in a winona furniture store.

The high court threw out the latest conviction because of what they say is the district attorney's efforts to keep african americans off the jury.

It's been 23 years since bertha tardy, the owner of tardy furniture in downtown winona and 3 employees were shot and killed in an execution- style murder.

Curtis flowers, a former employee, was arrested and charged with all four deaths.

Justice brett kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion, stating the prosecutor's removal of black prospective jurors violated flower's rights.

Two previous trials ended in hung juries.

Today's ruling makes the fourth trial to be

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