National Bourbon Day with Justins’ House of Bourbon

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Published on June 14, 2019 -

National Bourbon Day with Justins’ House of Bourbon

Today's a big day before the weekend -- we have Father's Day on Sunday, and today is National Bourbon Day.

So to celebrate, Justin Sloan and Justin Thompson are here from Justins' House of Bourbon to give us a tasting as well as gift ideas for those dads in our lives.


National Bourbon Day with Justins’ House of Bourbon

C1 3 present okay big weekend here in kentucky it may be bigger day for father's day is on sunday but today national bourbon day.

So to celebrate we brought in and the things i often hear fro you about the bourbon he is going to get the ideas for dad my life and also talk about som of their ridiculous the best wa to collection that you have in the store you would like to say we of the most diverse collection of bourbon in the world for so while so it and you do when i got there i know nothing about.

I will say you help me learn more about bourbon than than a lot of people here so i will thing new when in the phoenix for me and think come from an area that bourbon is you morning you you helped me realize there's other case and all that that goes int it and a lot of other people are now getting into that as well.

You you, just so suburban you know majority of our folks determine direction from allstate so in love more just now getting into bourbon, so no real balls in there that range from $15 i would recommend always north of 15,000 so you your some very, very old and rare bottles but we also rate on things under the really available as well.

We like to recommendable justin you when someone comes into your also shop for the first time what would will can expect to see do would sit with you like what yo know folks come and sometimes overwhelms the all the bottles you think were right around maybe about 800 varieties now in the shopper celso you always try to calm down do like to greet them at the door you know where to help and him so was try to figure out what flavor but profile looking for to look for gift policy.

What price points are doing some that's only available states report stated were look coming from.

Sometime the ... our bourbons are not available there so you know you they will bring some back special and so we just tried pointing in the right direction of lowballed a home with has asked her to send why does bourbon deserve a tollgate what makes it so special.

12 you know.

Thanks the careers of internet i just got national bourbon day now so but also you know bourbon have long history here in united states.

You know folks pioneers came to to kentucky late 1700s, while those brought some the is doing knowledge with them so you know what folks don't know that bourbon can actually be made anywhere in the notes is but it's has a monopoly on the you know we have bob you know just the knowledge of the is based here in central kentucky and surrounding areas is is your barn on were also some of the actual to the facility.

The was forced to have to assert authority to because of of also acknowledge distillers the story makers thrall right here in kentucky, so it's is a great industry the to have roger we need to respect that you are sure broadway the you know we are so many varieties is right from the you walk us through some of these maybe tells like a this is so if you for some of these you know people probably are like as this is an excellent gift so you only need to shuffle these two on the and or two of my favorites and they are pretty really available right on in and laundry told stores of the one on in is the 40 smallbatch select.

It comes in a hunger for proof of six different recipes that come into went to make the bourbon so up it just it's only of been on the shelter a couple months so it's kind of new the flavors there from start to finish.

It's one of our you know number one recommendations right now it's okay at the upper right run 60 box doesn't break the bank may and him so what is so swarf everyone's right now the someon new one next to it is the old forster was zero series the prohibition 1920 is also one of her favorites is not you know you can pretty much find any decent some retail shop right and beginning comes in run 60 box so you know bulldozer higher proofer over hundred proof so might be a little spicy for som people but you always bring it down is hard add that are special possible that that back to it right you know if is will offer folks they can bring down slicers water putting the cart so but knows her to her favor, go through things and some was just now getting into bourbon or hears about know something they can get like this have the lien isolate you know you have with you will is one real quick here.

This is the old carter it say this her second birmingham the that they've released him actually came out just this week while is pretty limited around the thousand balls of ever made is the only so, but it like well like these guys are slow ramified just a little more more spice on their details about the be good insurers i know run on time and i just right so we brought one of our vintage selections in there as well.

This the still 1959 bottle in 1969 old fitzgerald so this is been in the bathroom 50 year while and am it's a fun thing that unofficial story at that time was rabbi joining julie va winkle some people i know burst hundred and went a beautiful patient will we want to go in and find to get what we find you will the corner of jefferso ministry perfect website on you but is just

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