U.S. Senator Cochran’s funeral service

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Published on June 4, 2019 -

U.S. Senator Cochran’s funeral service

Flags in Mississippi are flying half-staff to honor former U.S. Senator Thad Cochran.


U.S. Senator Cochran’s funeral service

Flags in mississippi are flying- at half-staff to honor a- former u.s. senator who brought- billions of dollars to- the state.- a funeral was held yesterday at- the state capital in- jackson for former u-s senator- thad cochran.

- mississippi governor phil bryan- was among those to- honor him.- another funeral service is toda- at northminister baptist church- in- jackson.- senator cochran died last week- at the age of 81.

- the republican represented- mississippi in the senate for 4- years, making him the 10th- - longest-serving senator in- history.- cochran won a seat in the u-s - - - - house in 19-72, then joined the- senate six years later.

- he was the first republican in- more than a century to win a- statewide election in - mississippi.-

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