WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 20, 2019

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Published on January 21, 2019 -
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 20, 2019

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 20, 2019

Inmates are on the run tonight after escaping from two different sheriff's department.

Thank you for joining us, i'm jory tally.

And im cash matlock one escape happened in noxubee county, the other in webster county.

The webster county sheriff's department says 18-year old anthony logan is on the run.

He escaped from the department's jail about 4 this afternoon.

Logan was sentenced on the 10th for burglary on a dwelling.

At about 3:45 this afternoon the inmates were out on the yard...to get fresh air and exercise..one of the inmates jump up and pulled the wire down out a piece of rotten wood on the roof and climbed up on the roof and escaped out the back of the jail.

We are currently looking for him multiple agencies are helping us.

Logan was waiting to be transferred by mdoc to serve a five year sentence on a burglary conviction.

Noxubee county deputies are searching for two escaped inmates.

20 year old jamie welch and 25 year old tremarcus webb broke out of the noxubee county jail at about 5 this morning.

Sheriff terry grassaree says both men have aggravated assault charges.

Deputies say the duo are both 5 foot 3 and weigh about 120 pounds.

Grassaree say the men considered to be armed and dangerous.

Sheriff grassaree says this is the first time someone has escaped from the noxubee county jail in about 10 years.

That's right, the sheriff also says both men had only been in jail for less than 10 months, and had upcoming court hearings in march.

"this jail's been here two and half years.

It was supposed to be very hard to get out of."

Noxubee county sheriff terry grassaree is talking about the new facility that was recently just built.

He says the inmates jamie welch and tremarcus webb found a flaw in the new facility's design.

"they did go through the ceiling.

They went through the ceiling and came down out the ceiling.

That's really all i can tell you right now.

Like i said, when it was built it was supposed to be where they couldn't do that but they did.

So, we just have to get back with the architect and see what went wrong and try to adjust."

Grassaree says both inmates walked out the jail's front doors.

"you'll notice there's yellow tape, crime scene tape in the front.

They came down the ceiling and went out the front.


We got a dog who's in route from this point.

We're going to try and track them and see where they're at."

Grassaree wants the community to be on guard and aware of their surroundings.

"anytime someone escapes from jail, you are considered to be armed and dangerous because other than that you escaped.

If you were a felon in jail and you escaped, it's a felony charge, and anytime you have a felony charge it is deemed that you would do anything to stay on the run."

"be on your guard.

If you hear anything call us.

If you see anything call us.

Protect yourself."

If you have any information on this case, call the noxubee county sheriff's department or 9- 1-1.

A tupelo pedestrian remains in stable condition after getting hit by a train yesterday afternoon.

It happened near blair street.

Communications director leesha faulkner said the train vs.

Pedestrian accident closed down the area for almost two hours.

Tupelo police officers were on scene directing traffic.

The burlington northern railroad investigators are investigating.

Airbus helicopters announces a new aircraft is under development.

Airbus manufactures helicopters for commercial and military use.

The columbus plant currently employees around 200 people and produce about 80 aircrafts a year.

On tuesday, more than 30 journalists from around the world were invited to come and tour the facility.

Airbus also announced during the tour that in addition to the new aircraft they've also updated one of their more popular aircrafts.

"we're always looking to improve our product range.

A great example is the aircraft behind me which is the uh72a locota which has... we've expanded the mission considerably for that aircraft over the 13 years that it's been produced with a lot of new equipment and capabilities."

"we do have new developments going on, we'll be introducing a new aircraft in the u.s. over the next 18 to 24 months.

The h160 which is really a premiere aircraft we'll be doing."

After the stop in columbus, the european journalists were sent to tour the company's mobile, alabama site.

Now it's time for the first look at our forecast with meteorologist jacob dickey.

First look sunday night: cold and clear with temperatures falling into the 20s.

Wind chills will be between 10-20 degrees.

It'll be a great viewing for the lunar eclipse tupelo holds weekend services remembering dr. martin luther king, jr. event leaders say the ceremony is held to honor king, promote racial harmony and respect for all citizens.

Today's program took place at the tupelo auditorium with a city sponsored reception following.

Former philadelphia, ms high school standout running back and oklahoma and rams football player, marcus dupree, was the vip guest.

We're fortunate to have a football star with us today marcus dupree we're hoping that will excite our young people were really trying to excite this next generation of people who are going to take over the king services for us.

Tomorrow more commemorative mlk services and a motorcade will take place.

Amory is also celebrating mlk day a day early.

As wcbi's jason hibbs shows us, it was a bit more than a celebration.

Amory leaders have a timely message to share.

Starting at west amory elementary and loudly winding through town.

Nats the members of this motorcade, have a message.

"bringing it to one central place and say, 'everybody come.'" that place?

Sermon nat carter's chapel church of the living god.

Lois darden says she's helped organize the mlk observance program for more than 30 years.

This year's theme?


"unity is important because we are all created by god, and god made us all one."

She says more black churches have joined the celebration in recent years, but she wishes for more diversity in this crowd.

"martin luther king did not only give his life for blacks, he gave it for whites, indians, and everyone."

She'd like to see some younger faces, too.

"we need to pull together and let our youth know what he went through."

With so much division in our world, she hopes this message of unity can at least make a difference, here at home.

"we need to be nice to everyone, we need to show respect, and we need to love everyone."

President ronald reagan signed the mlk holiday into law in 1983, and it was first observed three years later.

Stay with us for tonight's mom to mom living healthier is a common new year goal.

And exercising is at the top of list.

Here's this week's mom to mom.

Speaker 1: today on mom to mom we've got a great full body workout that you can do right from home.

Speaker 1: mom's i've got val here with me from smoke fitness.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

Speaker 2: of course.

Speaker 1: so it's 2019 and everybody's getting into fit, getting into shape.

You know?

For spring break coming up.

Speaker 2: right.

Speaker 1: so you've got some great at home moves.

Speaker 2: yeah- speaker 1: that we can do pregnant and not pregnant.

Speaker 2: yes.

Speaker 2: first what we're gonna do is we're gonna work with the squat and i'm gonna do the more advanced way going over my shoulders.

Speaker 1: okay speaker 2: so i'm gonna get the full body and you're gonna focus just on your squat.

I'm gonna do about three sets of 12 of these.

Speaker 2: so the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna do the hamstrings a little bit.

And we're gonna work some of the back of the shoulders.

So we're gonna do a dead lift with an up right row.

Speaker 2: so you're just gonna go down, you're gonna lose resistance right about here.

It's fine.

You're gonna come back up.

One motion.

Elbows going up.

Speaker 2: alright, so the next we're gonna do is gonna actually be more of a posture but still really good for your upper back.

You're just gonna put your hands over your head, have it pretty tight.

And you wanna just pull down like you're pulling your elbows back together.

Speaker 2: so last one's just gonna be very simple.

We're just gonna do a bicep curl.

You can do this anywhere as well with just a resistance band.

So when you do a bicep curl i like to always do one that goes forward and then we're gonna bring out elbows out.

Speaker 1: oh, switch it up.

Speaker 2: of the bicep.

Speaker 1: these are all great workouts right from home.

Easy to do with kids around, being pregnant, whatever.

Speaker 2: mm-hmm .

Speaker 1: so mom's connect with me on facebook and i'll see you next week.

Maddie tosses to break sunday night: cold and clear with temperatures falling into the 20s.

Wind chills will be between 10-20 degrees.

It'll be a great viewing for the lunar eclipse tonight!

Look for north winds between 7-12 mph.

Mlk day: sunny and a bit warmer than sunday with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Overnight lows in the low to mid 30s.

Winds will be breezy from the east between 10-20 mph.

Wind chills will likely keep it feeling like the 30s through most of the day.

Tuesday: temperatures will climb into the 50s during the day.

Look for increasing clouds and a few showers by afternoon.

By tuesday night, rain showers will move in.

Low fall into the 40s.

Wednesday: we're expecting rain through much of the day.

By the afternoon and evening, rain will end from west to east and cold air is expected to filter on in.

It'll be another race to see if any wintry mix and sneak in.

As for the rebels are coming off of some serious heat looking to start an s-e-c win streak...highligh ts from the match-up to florida next in sports some more changes for mississippi state...the bulldogs will need to look for a new running backs coach first reported by bruce feldman msu running backs coach charles huff is reportedly leaving for a similar position at alabama huff joined the bulldogs back in 2017 after coming from penn state and is most known for coaching giants running back saquon barkley and mississippi state sophomore kylin hill as to who would be replacing huff is currently unknown but we'll continue to bring you updates as more information becomes available after an 0-3 s-e-c start the ole miss women seemed to have found a formula for success just last week the rebels upset kentucky...which, besides uconn obviously, is arguably the biggest challenge they've faced so far this season and as they returned home to play florida...another win would prove that whatever formula they're trying works.

Both of these team's have something to prove...florida and ole miss each looking for that second s-e- c win the rebels come out with a hot start...mimi reid from the corner...sinks the shot for the first 3 rebels points on the board and the three's were falling...shandri cka sessom from beyond the arc this time...give the ole miss an eight point lead early and the player to watch answers back...funda nakkasoglu with the 1-2-3...she was 4-7 from deep in tonights game nakkasoglu again...doing so much to find the opportunities to score..led the team with 21 points the rebels lead by one going into the break and in the second half there was no slowing down...example a...taylor smith in transition with the easy lay-in for two more and then la'karis salter putting in more work from downtown...cash that money shot at the bank..rebels lead by seven and a pair of free throws would seal the deal...crystal allen makes 'em both ole miss with a win streak rolling now...the final 76-66..the rebels taking great advantage scored 28 of their points off of turnovers..

Sessom leading the way for the rebs with 19 points and six rebounds... and now ole miss with tough battles ahead this week...they head to vanderbilt on thursday and rival mississippi state on sunday a super bowl berth on the line....who will it be..the new orleans saints or the l-a rams..

Let's find out 1st quarter and new orleans already with the lead...drew brees rolls out...connects with garret griffin for a short but sweet touchdown saints able to extend the lead 13-0 but the 2nd quarter the momentum would change...todd gurley slices into the house for a touchdown of his own...his 58th t-d in 61 games saints leading by just three the 3rd quarter belonged to brees and his squad...brees to taysom hill gets them into the endzone for six more...the extra point good but then...off the play action goff finds a wide open tyler higbee for another score on the board..

Brings em back within three and it'd be tied up at 20...brees with a great pass to ted ginn for 43 yards but the nail in the coffin was this...brees looking for lewis but is tackled after the ball is sent... saints want the pass interference call but the refs...they come up short with that...new orleans would be forced to settle for a field goal on that drive and lead once again by 3... the 4th quarter..goff finds robert woods for a gain of 12 yards..good enough for a field goal in ample time and only nineteen seconds to go...rams down by 3...and the 48 yard field goal is good...the teams will have to battle it out in overtime brees gets hit as he throws to dante fowler...and john johnson gets the interception still tied...for all the marbles...zuerlei n kicks the game winning 57 yard field goal... and the l-a rams are on their way to super bowl 53... a truly heartbreaking loss for the saints after such an incredible season the final 26-23 we're going to take a quick break but when

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