7 Mexican Officials Charged for Smuggling Weapons from US

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Published on December 29, 2018 -
They all reportedly worked at Rio Grande Valley port of entries.

7 Mexican Officials Charged for Smuggling Weapons from US

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Seven mexican border officers now charged with smuggling weapons into mexico.

They all reportedly worked at ports of entry.

Channel five's daisy martinez spoke with cameron county authorities about the impact the arrests will have on both sides of the border.

Nicolasa ramirez crosses the brownsville- matamoros border often... she was upset to find out that seven mexican border officials were arrested and charged - after their weapons and amunition smuggling scheme unraveled...the mexican newspaper el mañana reports, the weapons and amuniton was being hidden within electrical equipment packed in charcol boxes.

Other mexican border officials alerted the mexican attorney general's office when the paperwork necessary for the electrical equipment, raised a red flag.

Sot: nicolasa ramirez matamoros resident in:00:17:38:29 out:00:17:43:11 "what can one expect.

If it's the very border offcials doing it and they are supposed to be setting the example" ramirez says mexico is plagued by corruption and isn't surprised it reached the mexican border officials.

She says she doesn't feel safe in her own country.

Sot: nicolasa ramirez matamoros resident in:00:17:13:20 out:00:17:31:01 "you hear it everywhere - about guns and trafficking, and there's no security - they say they are trying to combat it, but it's them doing it" cameron county sheriff omar lucio says his department and other u-s law enforcement agencies work hand in hand to reduce the trafficking of weapons into mexico...he says... ar-15s like the ones that were reportedly being smuggled... were likely purchased here... sot: sheriff omar lucio cameron county in:00:03:38:11 - 00:03:45:27 ...to out:00:04:04:08 - 00:04:12:25 "we just wonder where they're getting it from, who is buying it for them, who is the culprit on this side of the united states, they are creating bigger problems for them, they're probably selling it to the cartels because that's where the money is" sheriff lucio adds he isn't surprised about this corruption, and although it gives all law enforcement a black eye ...he wants people to know...most law enforcement officials aren't working with criminals he adds, his department will continue to working with mexican authorities to track down people who are illegaly buying weapons to smuggle them into mexico... sot: in:00:10:37:26 out:00:10:47:12 "is it going to stop it completely, no - is it going to slow it down some, yes - like i said we are always working and we have extra people working out there" according to el mañana, following this incident and the new mexican president's push for more secure border towns...the mexican attorney general will administer polygraph tests for all mexican border offiers.

From brownsville daisy martinez channel 5

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