Victims of Phony Home Financing Company May be Able to Keep Their Homes

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Published on November 29, 2018 -

Victims of Phony Home Financing Company May be Able to Keep Their Homes

Infinite Properties posed as a home financing company; three employees were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in May of 2017.


Victims of Phony Home Financing Company May be Able to Keep Their Homes

New details - - on a channel 5 news investigation.

Some of the victims in a valley- based mortgage fraud case may be able to keep their homes.

Channel5 's angelo vargas launched "his investigation" in 20-16...and joins us from the studio with the latest.

Years of waiting, worrying and wanting answers..

Some victims of a fraudulent home financing company that called itself infinite properties have some hope.

The criminals didn't close on any home loans, didn't build them as promised and when they did get a family in a home the money wasn't going to get the title.

Their crimes spread across the valley and in texas.

New furniture for a home in the making.

"because we found out that it was going to be our home.

So we're going to get new chandelier, we got a new dining set, new tvs, we got a bed set for the kids."

Celia morale's home looked very different last year.

They were stuck in limbo.

Waiting to find out if they had to move.

"i was very stressed, now i am kind of like relieved thank god."

Morales is a victim of infinite properties.

She paid the co- owner of the company, rogelio ramos jr every month.

Morales was thinking her money was going to keep her home.... it wasn't.

"he took december, january, february and march.

Four payments actually.

Four payments of nine hundred dollars.

A lot of money.

A lot of money he got."

Her fears increased as three employees of infinite properties were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in may of 2017.

She kept her monthly home rent during their trial.

Morales didn't know who to pay.

Then she recieved a forfeiture letter from the government stating her home could be taken away from her.

A year later....a new court document from the united states marshals service.

"and that we were going to start making payments on our home as of november first, actually november third to the u-s marshals in houston."

In the federal court document it states this is not an eviction notice, you are not being asked to move at this time.

"so what do you want to know from the u-s marshals office.

I know you've been trying to reach them."

"paying off my house as soon as possible and to get all this paperwork out of the way.

To get the u.s. marshals and us government out of the way those our my plans."

Morales says she's learned a lot from these past two years.

Her message to others is to research the company you are buying a home from.

We reached out to federal authorities on how many other victims recieved a letter.

We are waiting to hear back.

The guility theives have to pay more than 1.8 million dollars in restitution fees.

In the channel five news studio, angelo vargas, channel five news at ten

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