Tom Hanks Takes on New Role in Sully

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Published on August 23, 2018 -
Tom Hanks Takes on New Role in Sully

Tom Hanks Takes on New Role in Sully

Hanks played over the years.

Mr. movie man himself.

Back on midday.

Tony Toscano from talking pictures and this movie i am dying to see.

>> everybody dying to see this movie.

This is of course we are talking about the based upon the true event in 2009.

January 15th exactly.

When captain chelsea landed his plane his flight 1549 into the hudson river.

And, of course, tom hanks take on lead role.

You can see already given an a there no secret about this one.

Tom hanks delivers performance that's so spot on.

>> i think he was made for this role.

>> well, one of these -- you know every so often mow tom hanks does great job in everything he does.

Even those movie you don't see him in.

Like last year's how low gram for king.

Or it was earlier this year nobody went to see that but it was great performance by tom hanks this time he is -- he like i said, he a man with 45 years of experience flying this plane.

And the gift story, of course, that even though he was hail is as hero.


They thought he landed his plane prematurely.

So the investigation after that landing what lot of us don't know about.

Which you don't know about how his career was on-line how he was smiling through all of that.

But he maintained that his professionalism that he could not make to the airport and finally, the faa ran additional tests and outcome was obvious.

Again this is must-see movie directed by clean eastwad one of his bester firms he directed.

>> you know i maybe a little too early say oscar but tom hanks will certainly be up there for that the film also the screenplay well worth that and it is captivating but wait and stay too the end don't leave when it is says the end stay.

>> thank you for telling me that because i always hop up.

If you tell me open this weekend.

Please see it will be number onenist weekend >> you didn't give knee as i get excited.

It seems like i have given few as if last few weeks.

>> hey.

Before you go to movies everybody be sure let like taking pictures on facebook.

>> tony reviews will all be right there

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