Judge Orders 2 Deported Immigrants Seeking Appeal Returned

Newsy Studio - Thursday, 9 August 2018

The judge reportedly threatened to hold Jeff Sessions in contempt after learning two people were deported while their case was under appeal.


Judge Orders 2 Deported Immigrants Seeking Appeal Returned

A federal judge  reportedly threatened  to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other administration officials in contempt of court after learning two immigrants appealing their deportation were being deported anyway.  The ACLU recently  filed suit  against Sessions for his decision to restrict who qualified for asylum in the U.S. The administration reportedly agreed to delay deportations of the 12 immigrants named in the suit until after Thursday.

But during a hearing on Thursday, ACLU attorneys found out one of those women —  called Carmen in the suit — and her daughter were already on a plane to El Salvador.  The judge ordered the two be returned to the U.S. and reportedly said he would order government officials to appear in court to explain why they shouldn't be held in contempt.  An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson said Carmen and her daughter would be brought back to the U.S. 

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