The Good Dinosaur: Pixar's Scariest?

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 4, 2015
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Pixar have a knack for bringing out emotions in young and old alike, and that has never been more evident than with their box office winner Inside Out earlier this year. Whether it be feelings of nostalgia, sadness, hope or joy, the studio has really run the gamut over the years, from the lonely ponderings of Wall-E through to a number of touching and even heartbreaking moments in adventure movie Up, the animators and scriptwriters, along with superb casting and musical scores, have touched the hearts of millions.

However, Pixar’s latest picture, The Good Dinosaur – which released in theaters worldwide over Thanksgiving – has received positive to mixed reviews, with a rating on Rotten Tomatoes which falls short of some of the studio’s classic hits. It is somewhat of a downer for the studio, which had experienced some of its all-time highest praise and revenue for the summer’s Inside Out, which many heralded as a rightful return to form. The Good Dinosaur, however, doesn’t seem to have latched onto the same magic that the emotionally-charged summer blockbuster was able to. On top of this, there have been a number of comments forwarded at Pixar’s latest release that suggest it may even be too scary for younger viewers.

The Daily Mail reports that the movie carries a number of controversial themes and moments, commenting that many parents online registered their stories of upset children via social media. Certainly, it isn’t the first time that a children’s movie has carried darker moments or has earned its guidance-suggested viewers’ rating – however, it seems that this may be the first time that moviegoers have commented on a Pixar movie for violent content.

Critics and moviegoers alike have made clear to fellow film fans and those hoping to take their families to see The Good Dinosaur that the prehistoric caper is much more intense than much of Pixar’s previous output, and that anyone hoping for an easy movie to watch during the holidays may find the story too emotional and some scenes too violent for younger viewers. While this factor doesn’t seem to have impacted upon the movie’s overall score, it’s important to bear such cautions in mind before buying your tickets. Will The Good Dinosaur impact on Pixar’s future output, or can we expect more along the lines of Inside Out in future? Only time will tell – and Pixar have much magic up their sleeves for movies to come!


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