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Brownface / Trudeau

The Canadian prime minister apologized for dressing up in an Aladdin costume for an "Arabian Nights" themed gala at a school where he taught nearly 20 years ago...
16 hours ago • Delawareonline



The Canadian PM says he's "really sorry" for wearing skin-darkening make-up at a 2001 event.
16 hours ago • BBC News


President Trump's communications with a foreign leader were concerning enough to prompt a whistleblower complaint, according to the Washington Post, which..
3 hours ago • CBS News

Washington Monument

After more than $10 million of renovations, which include a new security screening facility and elevator, the Washington Monument reopens to tourists on..
9 hours ago • NPR

Ed Buck

At least three men have overdosed, two of them fatally, at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, Los Angeles prosecutors say.
1 day ago • Delawareonline

Interest Rates / Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point on Wednesday, in an effort to goose the slowing U.S. economy.
22 hours ago • NPR

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Promise released a new public service announcement Wednesday that begins with excited students showing off new school supplies but quickly morphs into..
23 hours ago • FOXNews.com


Israel is headed for new political instability, as the nation's parliamentary elections ended in an apparent tie between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's..
1 day ago • CBS News

Saudi Oil

President Trump announced on Wednesday that he will issue substantial sanctions against Iran in response to the attacks on a Saudi oil facility last weekend. In..
15 hours ago • CBS News

Greta Thunberg

With her typically blunt, often biting remarks, the Swedish teenager has offered Americans an outsiderโ€™s view of themselves.
20 hours ago • NYTimes.com

San Francisco

'We canโ€™t have our cities going to hell'
3 hours ago • Daily Caller

Trump Names

President Donald Trump on Wednesday named Robert O'Brien, his chief hostage negotiator and an established figure in Republican policy circles, as his new..
23 hours ago • Denver Post

Mosquito Borne

Health authorities are investigating other cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, which is transmitted through a mosquito bite, after one man died and two people..
1 hour ago • NYTimes.com


"Think twice before you go to the emergency room," one expert cautioned
2 hours ago • CBS News


A version of a popular heartburn medicine is now on hold. There are concerns that the generic version of the drug known as Zantac may cause cancer. Novartis..
6 hours ago • CBS News

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