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Plácido Domingo

The opera star says he is "truly sorry" for the hurt caused to women who accused him of harassment.
21 hours ago • BBC News


Pandemic / Coronavirus Spreads

The World Health Organization on Monday said the new coronavirus epidemic had "peaked" in China but warned that a surge in cases elsewhere was "deeply..
2 days ago • France 24

Tests Positive / Tenerife

A four-star hotel in Tenerife went into lockdown after an Italian doctor on holiday on the island tested positive for the virus on Monday. His wife tested..
13 hours ago • SBS


A club once praised for its methods on and off the field has recently descended into a drifting, crisis-riddled, backstabbing soap opera. That it still leads La..
1 day ago • NYTimes.com


Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg have met for the first time at Oxford University.
11 hours ago • SBS

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