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MacBook Pro

Apple today announced its much-rumored high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is the largest MacBook Pro that's been offered for sale since the discontinuation of..
8 hours ago • MacRumours.com


Inch MacBook

AMD has revealed the specifications of the new Radeon Pro 5000M-series GPU options available in the just-launched 16-inch MacBook Pro, with the Radeon Pro 5300M..
3 hours ago • AppleInsider

MILLION / Disney

The new subscription television service from Disney has blown past 10 million subscribers within its first 24 hours of operation.
3 hours ago • AppleInsider

Apple TV

Former HBO CEO and chairman Richard Plepler is in talks with Apple about an exclusive Apple TV+ production deal, reports Deadline.

Plepler is planning..
1 day ago • MacRumours.com

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth, Microsoft's new augmented reality Minecraft game, is now available on iOS and Android devices in the United States.

Microsoft has..
1 day ago • MacRumours.com

Facebook Pay

Social media giant Facebook is rolling out a payment method like Apple Pay to allow users to buy products or services, donate to charity, and send money to each..
1 day ago • AppleInsider

Mac Pro

Professional Mac users got a lot of good news on Wednesday. In addition to revealing the new 16-inch MacBook Pro,ย Apple announced that the Mac Pro, the..
8 hours ago • Macworld

AirPods Pro

Amazon's popular $15 price drop is back on Apple AirPods Pro, with the hot new accessory in stock for $234.95 while supplies last. After selling out at the..
16 hours ago • AppleInsider


Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but theyโ€™re not immune from attack. Even if you donโ€™t care about adware or being used as a..
1 day ago • Macworld

IPhone Camera

Facebook is misusing the camera on the iPhone, with the app turning it on while users view their feed for reasons unknown.
1 day ago • AppleInsider

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