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But the crisis of Australia’s sovereignty is far bigger than the week’s events.
7 hours ago • The Age
A decade on from helping unpack the Utegate affair, the Sydney-based software maker Nuix has pulled off a blockbuster IPO.
7 hours ago • The Age

AFL royalty Tania and Nathan Buckley have called time on their marriage, announcing they are separating after 18 years.
14 hours ago • Sydney Morning Herald
For the first time, the defence ministry in Baku has released its military losses in weeks of clashes with Armenian forces.
23 hours ago • SBS
Page’s revelation was met mostly with love and shows we’ve come a long way since 1950s Hollywood, when actors such as Rock Hudson were forced to hide their sexuality or face career ruin.
19 hours ago • The Age


With its opening title reveal, this week’s episode of The Mandalorian had viewers fretting: What would be “The Tragedy”? Were you...
5 hours ago • Upworthy

Rosie Perez talks about recording safety messages for the New York City subway, her new show The Flight Attendant, and plays a game where she finishes Muhammad...
3 hours ago • NPR

Queen Elizabeth is sadly facing a loss in the family. The 94-year-old British monarch’s beloved dog Vulcan died at Windsor Castle, People reported Friday...
4 hours ago • Just Jared

9 hours ago • Indian Express

Seven people were injured in the explosion which rocked South Africa’s second-largest oil refinery. Engen, which runs the refinery, says it is unclear what...
10 hours ago • Deutsche Welle

Italy has announced new curbs including a ban on travel between different regions and a curfew.
14 hours ago • Upworthy

Former French president who brought in socially liberal reforms but whose grand style ultimately proved offputting to voters As Valéry Giscard d’Estaing...
1 day ago • WorldNews