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Australia won the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup at the MCG in March, beating India in front of 86,174 people, in what was considered one of, if not the most significant moment in Australian female team sporting history. 
15 hours ago • The Age
Scott Morrison will no longer use Kyoto carryover credits to achieve emissions reduction targets, paving the way for a reset of his climate policies.
6 hours ago • Brisbane Times

AFL royalty Tania and Nathan Buckley have called time on their marriage, announcing they are separating after 18 years.
18 hours ago • Sydney Morning Herald
Page’s revelation was met mostly with love and shows we’ve come a long way since 1950s Hollywood, when actors such as Rock Hudson were forced to hide their sexuality or face career ruin.
1 day ago • The Age
Peter Gordon, the man who presided over the Bulldogs when they won their second and most remarkable premiership, did not have winning another cup on his list of goals when he took the job for a second time.
19 hours ago • The Age


Napoli have announced their stadium has been renamed in honour of their former player Diego Maradona, who died last week aged 60.
4 hours ago • Belfast Telegraph

With its opening title reveal, this week’s episode of The Mandalorian had viewers fretting: What would be “The Tragedy”? Were you...
9 hours ago • Upworthy

Rosie Perez talks about recording safety messages for the New York City subway, her new show The Flight Attendant, and plays a game where she finishes Muhammad...
7 hours ago • NPR

Queen Elizabeth is sadly facing a loss in the family. The 94-year-old British monarch’s beloved dog Vulcan died at Windsor Castle, People reported Friday...
8 hours ago • Just Jared

13 hours ago • Indian Express

Seven people were injured in the explosion which rocked South Africa’s second-largest oil refinery. Engen, which runs the refinery, says it is unclear what...
14 hours ago • Deutsche Welle

Italy has announced new curbs including a ban on travel between different regions and a curfew.
19 hours ago • Upworthy

Former French president who brought in socially liberal reforms but whose grand style ultimately proved offputting to voters As Valéry Giscard d’Estaing...
1 day ago • WorldNews