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Serkis' most famous character came out of the woodwork to parody UK Prime Minister Theresa May.
12 hours ago • The Age
Trump has repeated some false statements so often that The Washington Post's Fact Checker has had to come up with a new ranking.
3 hours ago • Brisbane Times

Astrid and Samorn are both keen cooks - mostly out of necessity to feed the family healthy home cooked meals each night.
8 hours ago • Brisbane Times

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The Voyager 2 probe has left the protecting bubble across the solar and is flying thru interstellar area, NASA says. The leap forward approach the spacecraft has...
35 minutes ago • The News Articles
As China continues to press for the discharge of tech corporate Huawei’s leader monetary officer Meng Wanzhou, it’s attacking Canada – calling her arrest...
57 minutes ago • The News Articles
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has found water locked deep inside the asteroid Bennu. It arrived at the asteroid last week, and NASA hopes to bring a sample back...
54 minutes ago • MailOnline
A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: Trump at odds with other nations over climate change at COP24; a team of...
1 hour ago • CBC.ca

A Quebec man who targeted Hydro-Quebec power lines in an aerial attack that left tens of thousands without power in December 2014 was sentenced Monday to seven...
1 hour ago • CTV News

Four civilians have been killed by Indonesian troops hunting separatist rebels in the restive province of Papua, a local resident says.
59 minutes ago • SBS

Husky Energy says it is changing its policy and will add "more formality around the process of restarting production," following an oil spill last month off...
3 hours ago • CBC.ca

Pivot under Donald Trump presents challenge to climate negotiators gathered in Poland
1 hour ago • FT.com

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou returns to a Canadian court to find out if she will be bailed because of her health while prosecutors say they don't trust her.
1 hour ago • SBS

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne will accept a $240 million offer from Canada to settle a 130-year-old land grievance after a majority voted yes in a community...
2 hours ago • CBC.ca

Having less than a third of this season's FA Cup third-round matches in the traditional 3pm kick-off slot "diminishes the magic of the day", a supporters' group...
1 hour ago • BBC Sport
Maria Butina, a Russian gun rights activist, is poised to plead guilty in a case involving accusations she was working as an agent for the Kremlin in the US.
1 hour ago • The Age

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday postponed Parliament's vote on her Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, acknowledging that...
1 hour ago • Billboard.com

The funeral of Emma Sillett, who was found in a reservoir with her son, will be held this week.
1 hour ago • BBC News
Armenia's acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan bolstered his authority in the former Soviet republic as his political bloc won early parliamentary elections...
2 hours ago • Reuters

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys and now former CRTV show host, has been banned from YouTube, the Daily Beast reported on Monday. When accessing...
2 hours ago • Mediaite

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou returns to a Canadian court to find out if she will be bailed because of her health while prosecutors say they don't trust her.
1 hour ago • SBS

Social media giant Facebook has quietly introduced a new policy banning the people from using 'dirty talk' on their platform. The California based company has...
1 hour ago • MailOnline
Symbol copyright AFP Symbol caption Ms Sisulu used to be criticised by means of Rwanda for assembly an exiled critic of the Rwandan chief South Africa has...
2 hours ago • The News Articles
Alberta's finance minister says Quebec's resistance to a pipeline carrying western Canadian oil across its territory shows a lack of understanding about the...
3 hours ago • CBC.ca

NASA's Voyager 2 has become only the second human-made object to reach the space between stars.
2 hours ago • CBC.ca

Fifteen protesters who cut through Stansted Airport's fence and locked themselves around a deportation plane have been found guilty of an aviation security...
2 hours ago • MailOnline
Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd both yawned deeply as the PM faced furious MPs to confirm that the crunch vote on her Brexit deal will be delayed.
2 hours ago • MailOnline
The Prime Minister said a second referendum would cause people 'to question the role of MPs.' But people are doing that anyway, thanks to her.
2 hours ago • Independent

BBC Local News: Suffolk -- A police officer tells how he broke up a row in a shop hours before a 17-year-old was killed.
2 hours ago • BBC Local News

U.N. special envoy Martin Griffiths said on Monday Yemen's warring parties had yet to agree on main sticking points in peace talks, including a ceasefire in...
2 hours ago • Reuters

Investors should buy Shaw Communications Inc. (TSX:SJR.B)(NYSE:SJR) and one other deep-value dog ASAP!
2 hours ago • Motley Fool